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A Tide arrises......

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The thing's hideous laughter sends a chill down the dwarf's spine as he brings his axe to bear against it once again.



Will Save: 17 (15+2)


Attack (using Power Attack): 22 (15+5+2(flank bonus)); Damage: 15 (10+5).

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(DM controlled actions). Seeing that there is now 3 people around the thing now, Kavik carefully aims his crossbow at the thing & fires!! The bolt slams into the right shoulder of the thing, but it appears again that the bolts are ineffective, as it doesn't slow down to notice the bolt sticking out.



You are able to get fully behind the thing (it seems to focus mostly on Heleger at the moment). You swing your dagger but the thing suddenly moves one way & your swing is quite wide, totally missing it.




You feel something rush up your spine but you strength your will & the feeling goes away as fast as it comes. (SAVED!!)


The rush of adrenline in your system causes your swing your axe in reaction, coming down on the creature's shoulder where Kavik's bolt landed. The force of the axe slices into the shoulder & straight through, doing 15 pts of damage!! The thing's boney arm clatters to the ground beside it!!




The creature laughs again as it's arm falls to the ground. "BAHHHH, who needs it. I got ah nuhther!" it says in a wild mad voice & with that it mumbles something you can't understand & it's other hand starts to glow with a cold black aura, it touches your shoulder & you feel a sudden, cold, numbing feeling. It's like your shoulder just isn't there anymore, the feeling starts to creep into the rest of your body. It's starts to creep into your head & your knees start to buckle. The world starts to fade away, you feel a sudden rush of your memories when suddenly it cries out


"AGHHHHHH, your a lively one!!" it screams as it lifts it's hand from your shoulder, as it does the cold "deathly" feel quickly oozes from your body. You feel like you were on your way to greet your father. Other then the odd numbing feeling where it touched you, you fill no other ill effects.




Seeing Heleger start to fall with the touch of the creature, you focus on the symbol the thing wears around it's neck & you fire off a eldritch blast of your own. You strike!!!!! The hellish energies surge through the thing for 6 pts of damage!! The creature howls in pain!! As the the energies dissipate from it's body, it falls into a heap of bones. Finally gone from Oearth for good.




No combat actions due to creature's death


End of Combat!!!

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Heleger shakes his head a few times to clear the cobwebs. "Uhhhh," the dwarf says. "What'd it hit me with? Ah think Ah need ta rest a mooment," he says to his companions, before slumping to the floor. He sits there, blinking both eyes rapidly as he fumbles for his waterskin and takes a long drink.

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Seeing that the dwarf is on no apparent danger of dying or turning into something unnatural, Arwin decides to have a closer look at what is left of the now inanimate attacker.


She unsheathes her more mundane dagger and commences to prodding at the things vestments to see if there is anything of value secreted away within the folds of the robes. She gives special consideration to pocketing the trinket it wore around its neck, but in a rather superstitious fashion she is scared to touch it with her bare hands.

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With a satisfying sigh, Tolan blows on his fingers as if to blow ethereal smoke away from the tips. "Now that's more like it!" He looks around the room at the others and asks, "Anyone got any idea WHAT that thing was? Other than ugly?"

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Heleger you sit down, the wound where the thing clawed at your face feels warm & your sure it's infected, but for now it's just a wound.


You feel your spirits rising as the effects of the creature's touch subside as well. The cold water of waterskin feeling good in your body as it goes down.


Anny, you poke around the remains of the creature, the only thing the creature has that looks of value is the dual-toned gold holy symbol. It's robes are just rags.


Tolan, you wonder what the creature was, Yarrin speaks up "A Huecuva." "Huecuva are the undead spirits of clerics who were unfaithful to their faith and turned to evil before death. As punishment, their god condemned them to roam the earth as an undead creature." Yarrin points to the symbol as Anny retrieves it from the creature.


"That is the symbol of Olidammara, god of Music, Revels, Wine, Rogues, Humor, and Tricks. He is often called the Laughing Rogue." The creature must have gained it's clerical powers from the evil & darkness that spawned it. Heleger you are lucky you are alive, that touch was a direct power of worshiping death itself."


(Craig PMed me his knowledge roll earlier)

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Arwin shrugs as Yarrin explains the meaning of the golden trinket she is retrieving.


"Revels an' rogues, aye? D'ye mind if I 'ang on'ter it til it's time ter divvy up the loot?", she asks as she prematurely pockets the trinket.

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Feeling better, Heleger stands up, the tired expression on his face gone. "Nah, goo aheed, girl, keep it. Ah, a' least, doon' wan' annythin' ta do wi' it. Noow, shall we coontinnoo ta try an' find oor way ootta here?"

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Yarrin walks over to Helegar and takes a look at his wounds. "These are a bit deeper than they really appear," he says begining to pray. "Procan heal this warrior and cast off the unclean touch."

Cure light wounds: 7


"You might just want to keep an eye on that amulet, Anny, " yarrin replies looking over at her and winking. "You never know who just might be watching over that thing."

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Arwin listens to Yarrin's warning, but does not let it worry her.


"Bah..it ain't nothin' but a thing, but if it gets up ter any funny tricks in me pocket, ye'll be first ter know."


Confident in her trust in the amulet, and equally confident that apart from damp rock, dead hooey-coovey and the collective stink of the expedition, there is absolutely nothing in the room she is in; Anny proposes a plan.


"So.. let's go 'ave a look down that tunnel thattaway.", she says, indicating the direction of the unexplored eastward passage.

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