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A Tide arrises......

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There is nothing else in the room with the hecuva.


Satisfied, you make your way back into the passage & head east to the room with the water. Kavik, you know the water only goes waist-high to you, so there no reason to worry about drowning. The room is in the same shape as the others. The pillars are made of the same wood that is in the others, it's strong, but soaked with the humidty in the air, the roof sags in places, but there is no reason to worry. Your not sure why the room is full of water thou. Maybe crack somewhere that let's water in? The room might be lower then sea level? Your not sure. One thing for sure, there is nothing in this room.


The only other spot you haven't checked is the submerged tunnels to the west. Where Kavik was able to come & go into the tunnels.


"As much as I hate the sea, I think that may be our only way out of here." Heleger says after getting out the water. "Odd, as much as my kind loves the underground, the sight of open air looks real good right now."


The party makes it's way back into the passage it initially encountered with the zombie things. The room smells really bad due to the humid wet air & of course, Vieta's corpse. Stepping around the corpses, you make your way back into the room with the large pool of water. It sloshes ever so slighting, probably a way out into the harbor, perhaps?


Something shiny gleams from the edge of Kavik's everburning torch light. The object shines from under the water.

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Anny notices the shining object too. She takes a look at it from where she is standing and contemplates whether it is worth taking or just to leave it behind and get out of that dark dungeon.


(How far away is it..does it appear to be out in the deep/darker waters..is it shaped like a weapon or maybe armour..and most importantly, is it moving?)


Did ye see that afore when ye passed through 'ere?", she asks Kavik, pointing toward the object on the chance it may be something he himself had discarded.

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"I can't recall seeing that during my last passage through those waters" Kavik explains. "Let's be careful," he continues. "This is the water I felt like something was watching me in."


Kavik places a bolt in his crossbow and cautiously steps towards the water's edge, hoping to illuminate the item better.

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The party slowly approaches the pool of water, it ever so slightly moving due to a current within it. (random roll--As Yarrin approaches the water, you can see the shine is silvery in color & it under something, the water & darkness distorting the image. As you get about a foot from the water, a sudden splash comes from the water & a small but bigger then normal brownish-red crab comes out of the water, it's claws snapping as it approaches you. Four more come out as well, one heading toward Heleger!!


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Tolan watches as the crabs come out of the water and comments, "Sheesh, we can't go 5 minutes without something trying to kill us eh?" With that, he launches a blast of energy at the nearest crab. "Hmm maybe we can have roast crab meat for breakfast....or is it dinner time?"



(init roll: 13+2=15)

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fast forward a bit!!


The battle with the oversized crabs wasn't difficult. The party sufferes minimal damage but with first aid by Yarrin & anyone that has the skill, the party suffers no long term damage. The crabs produce enough food for a couple days of grub for everyone if they are harvested, & who knows how long the party might be down here.


Searching the area, reveals nothing.Inside the pool thou appears to be a half-eaten body of a human, his fingers & other extremities are gone, nibbled off by the crabs. Pulling his semi-bloated corpse onto the shore, you find that he has in a hidden ankle scabbard a very bright silver dagger. Yarrin you know that this weapon could have been useful in the battle vs the hecuava earlier <_< . (Whoever wants it, let everyone know here)


You also find that the body has big bite marks/wounds on it's shoulder & face. The marks are from the ravenous dead & not from the crabs. The crabs probably dragged the corpse into the water & feasted, knowing the dead wouldn't go into the water. You notice a bit of a tattoo on his left shoulder, semi-obscured by the wound, but you can make out the remains of a flower with a dragon's tail on the bottom.


The only other area that the party hasn't checked out are the half-submerged tunnels to the west.

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Arwin tries not to let her thoughts concern her too much with the particulars of the giant crabs' diet. After all, she had eaten shark before, and sharks are also known to eat men and orcs alike. Still the fresh image of the bloated man's corpse is hard to put aside.


She tries to recall if she had ever seen such a tattoo before. Such things often identified their owners as members of a guild or gang. Other times they were as unique as the names of the men they belonged to. She studies it briefly and commits the design to memory.


"So...wot's next then? Do we go by way of ther west tunnels?", she asks Tolan. "This dank air donw 'ere ain't good fer me singin' voice.", she adds, deliberately punctuating her normally high-pitched and gravelly delivery with a hack and a spit.


"One of ye can 'ave that dagger. Me inherited one's got me in trouble a'plenty already."

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Recovering from the fight with the crabs, Tolan looks around at the others, his devil granted vision allowing him to see clearly. Nobody appears to be too hurt, not that he cares much, but having people around keeps him safer at least. He responds to Arwin's comment, "I suppose our only choice is those tunnels. I hope they are not too long....I don't much like the prospect of drowning right now."

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