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A Tide arrises......

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The party moves westward, walking to the lonely door along the wall. Using marching order from the previous listing (Kavik was in the lead with his crossbow "light"), you make your way through it. After about 5 feet inward, the floor turns sandy (like the beach after high tide) but for all intensive purposes dry floor for 10' to 15' until the floor becomes filled with sea water.


Anny, this is the source of the sloshing water you heard while checking out the room with the crabs during the battle vs the ravenous zombies in the tunnel.


The sloshing sound comes from the churning waters of a sea cave. Fueled by what must be powerful submerged currents. The water laps and splashes against the wall of the twisting natural cavern that leads to the west . A sandy slope descends from the door down to the edge of the subterranean side. Dozens of purple and red sea urchins glisten in shallow divots along the ground and lower walls here, their spines glittering with water.


There are shallow patches ( the sea-green squares) of "dry land" which is slippery sea rock & there are deep pools (darker sea-green squares) that are around 8 feet deep, along the passage. It appears the passageway is under low-tide for now.....


Kavik, the underwater passageway you've been using to get in & out is located in the large pool near the West side of the map. There is also a small tunnel, about 10 to 15 feet beyond the pool but it ends in a very sturdy door, which you've tried opening but it appears to be barred from the inside, a nasty smell of rotting meat in a wet humid jungle emanates from underneath the door. You decided to try Eastward instead.


Next interaction will be using combat rounds for movement (no rolls for initiative, just movement). It costs two squares of movement to move through shallow water.) At the end of your movement, make a Balance check, if you end up in one of the deep water squares make a Swim check instead.

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"No offense to the dwarf, but I think I may be better suited to lead through this area. I've already travelled it and know the route out, and I am willing to bet I am a better swimmer than the lot of you."


"How much rope do we have? We can either run some line along a safe course for you to follow, or we can tie us together so if one of you falls in the currents, you won't get dragged down into the depth if the tides happen to change on us midway. I have 100ft. Anyone else?"

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just a quick note:


Kavik, you know that if bare skin touches one of those sea urchins, it'll cause a nasty sting & the body will be overcome with nauesea, & maybe even worse. You know this from early age experience......

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"I got yer rope 'ere...five arm-spans or more ought'ter be plenny.", Arwin chimes in. "Will we haf'ter go underwater?"


Anny reaches into her bulging pack and produces a coil of silken rope (50") and offers it to Kavik.

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Kavik nods his thanks to the others and collects the rope and begins to lash them together into a larger coil.


"If anyone has some pitons we could anchor these into some of the Stalatites in the passage."


"Once I get the rope ready, I can scout ahead and make sure there is nothing else in there wanting to feed on us, and run the line. But we shouldn't take too long since I am not sure exactly when the tides are scheduled to change."


"One more thing. Sea Urchins. Those spikey little balls on the rocky outcroppings in the water. Kavik points to some of them in the shadows. Avoid them. They may not kill you, but you're going to wish you were dead if they scratch you."


Kavik focuses back on the lengths of rope.


"Oh, and some of them could actually kill you."


Kavik grins.

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"Ye mean those spikes for climbin' up walls? Sorry, mate. I like ter travel light.", Arwin responds as she cinches up her pack and hoists it back onto her shoulder, its contents sounding an incriminating jangle from within.

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Heleger, not wanting to actually tread this water, but knowing that it might be the only way out of these tunnels, reluctantly ties the rope around him. With his weight he decides he'll anchor the team in case something go amiss, that & it gives him more time to stay on the dry dirt a bit longer.....


Oddly even thou the tunnels are underground, they just don't feel right to him. I guess the former occupants, the ravenous zombies, & the hecuava might be the reason. The constant moisture & of course the sagging ceiling just might be the reason. Thou, not having a way out is probably the real reason that makes him long for the fresh air of Sasserine. That & of course he might have a bright shiny breastplate waiting for him when he returns to Steelhammer's forge.

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"Well, since we don't have any spikes, we should probably use the rope as a tether to guide the way, so you all have something to hold on to as you traverse. The tide's pretty low, so be careful with your footing, you don't want to turn an ankle on one of these rocks if it rolls loose. If you can swim, you might want to consider it where the water allows you.


Kavik strips off his gauntlets and boots, and rotates his wrists and ankles to get the circulation flowing better. As he stretches, what initally appear to be ridges along his forearms and calves rise slightly as he splashes water on them.


Kavik stows the clothing in his bag and forces the air out of the bag before rolling the edge over, and buckling it closed so no water will invade the bag. He checks his weapons to ensure they are ready in their sheaths for ease of drawing. Kavik removes the torch from his crossbow, knowing in the twists of the passage it will not be a reliable weapon and slings it across his back with his bag.


"I wish we had some spikes, then I could swim on ahead and make a path for you to follow. Well, I don't think any of us were expecting a cave dive. It cannot be helped now. I will try to stay a little ahead of the group so I can spot trouble and at least hope to tie it up before it gets to the rest of you."


"Everyone ready?"

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Arwin takes one last check to see that all her gear is secure and that her hair is properly tied back for swimming. "I've been ready.", Arwin answers, taking the rope with her off-hand and gripping her inherited dagger in her right hand. She takes her place in line behind Helegar.

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Kavik nods to the half orc. "It's always best to plan ahead when circumstance allows."


Kavik wades into the pool and dives beneath the surface relishing the embrace of the seawater before coming back to the surface and standing up and taking the lead rope.


"Follow me!"


Kavik moves deeper into the tunnel to the west, swiftly passing through the watery terrain, the water making little difference as he swims along the surface. Passing the dog leg in the corridor, he calls back the safer footing for those forced to wade. Kavik makes his way to the deeper water at the fork in the passage and waits for the party to join him.



Swim Check: 12 + taking 10 = 22 to avoid any hazards. Move at 30ft in water.

Balance Check: 3 + 11 = 14

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