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A Tide arrises......


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"It ain't that I 'ate water, ye see. It's that I like breathin'." Arwin says, only half-jokingly. "Let's get it over wif.", she says with no real enthusiasm for the swim ahead. She lets Kavik go on ahead first and hopes he remembered the rope that she and some of the others might be depending on.


Swim 15 -1 = 14

Balance 10 +1 = 11

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The party has no problem treading the water that is in here, most the pool here is only about 6 feet deep. You can make out where the tide line is, approximately 6 more feet up (total of 12 feet at high tide, about where the passageway to the door is). Only Heleger would have problems if something like combat or other hectic activities were going on.


Kavik points out where the tunnel to the bay is, with the sunrod. It's along the northern wall. You can see the entrance to the tunnel, it's totally submerged about a foot under the current waterline. You all make your way up to the ledge that leads into the passageway. The wall is rocky enough to allow for climbing, epically if 1 or 2 people after getting to the ledge use the rope to help others up.


With Kavik in the lead with his sunrod, it's about 15 feet to the door the passageway is 5 feet wide, the walls here are extremely moist & even have sea-life like starfish & urchins attached to the rock. Your not sure but the water may even get up into here.


The door like the other ones in this place is soggy & squishy, you see there is no door handle or door ring to this door. Carefully searching the area where it would be, you see small holes where a baseplate for a ring would be. Also you see what appears to be a dent a bit below that in the soggy wood, like if someone would have stuck a something in the ring to break it off, like perhaps a crowbar or some other soild object. Someone wanted this door permantly shut. The door is firmly in place, sealed around the edges due to the condition persistant throughout the tunnels.


It appears the only way to get past this door is by bashing the thing down.

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(not sure where Ben is right now)


"Here's your door-opener!" Heleger says holding his axe up, so it gleams off the sunrod a bit. Heleger had been wiping his axe dry rag, he somehow kept dry during the swim.


With a few mighty swings, Heleger brings the wet, soggy door down. The door splits in two when it comes down. While the door was soild & soggy, the wood was old.


With the door open, the decaying, rotten meat smell hits everyone head-on (everyone make a Con check). Heleger withstands the smell.


Inside is a 10 x 10 room like the rest of the tunnels. The smell in this chamber is horrific, a cloying stink of rotten meat rising from the bloated, seeping body slumped in the middle of the floor. The corpse's dark, almost black flesh bulges against its armor, ready to burst at the slightest touch . An intricate tattoo of a dragon clutching a flower is barely visible on his shoulder against the diseased flesh, and clutched in one hand is a crumpled scroll, in the other is a ragged quill.


A empty waterskin & fish-bones lay near the corpse. You also see a small tipped over bottle in a pool of dried black liquid.

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"Noow, that's hoow ya oopen a door," Heleger says with a grin. The stench rolls over him in waves, but the stout dwarf is not affected in the least, and he steps inside, mindful of the black puddle.


"Well, he hassn' been here foor loong, ta still be stinkin' like that. Whoo doo ya reckoon he was?"

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Anny makes her check (btw it's only a 10)


Heleger, as you step past the black puddle, you can see it's the ink from the bottle. It appears it spilled out when the bottle was tipped over.

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Kavik snaps his head back as the scent assaults his nose. Fighting back waves of nausea he steps over to the water and vomits mostly bile into a corner of the dry land. Wiping the corner of his mouth, Kavik walks over to the water. Bending down he scoops up a large handful of seawater and rinses the bitter taste of acid from his mouth.


"Nothing like the smell of dead human in the morning to get you going," Kavik grins wryly.


Squatting down nea the corpse, Kavik stares at the tattoo, dredging his memory for any mention of ink matching this description.


[int check: 1 + 9 = 10]

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You've never seen that symbol before.




You kneel down to the corpse. Even thou the armor seems to appear to be ragged, with some cleaning & oil it appears that his armor is masterwork quality studded leather. You can see the skin on the man has all sorts of pockmarks, whelts, also it appears that there are 8 scars (4 on each side) of his face, from his eyes down to this throat, like the man clawed at his face.


You pry the note from the man's long dead grip, you notice a rather large gemstone embedded into a gold band on his finger. The crumple note come free with little resistance, it seems to be fresh & doesn't crumble in your hand. It's written in Common, thou the writing is more of scribbles & some of the lettering is hastly scribbled:


These bones once be Penkus Kachoo, so if ye read this, I be dead, laid low by

the sick put on me by that foul dead thing! Yet even as me flesh wracks,

know t’was not the dead what brought my doom, but one I ‘til recently

called friend!

Vanthus Vanderboren! Your name fills me with bile! Spineless,

treacherous cur! You left us here to die. You left ME here to die, after

all what I done t’get ye into th’Lotus! Yer designs on the Lady of the

Lotus be clear now, and with meself out th’way… ye doubtless move

even now into power, slithering amid my vacancy like a hermit crab

in a shell, or a cadaver worm to still-warm flesh. CURSE UPON YE!

To th’one what reads this. If ye have any honor or vengeance in

yer soul, know that Vanthus must die. He dwells in the lap o’ th’Lotus,

below th’Taxidermist’s Hall. Seek him there, but ‘fore he dies he must

ken it were Penkus what undid him and guides yer killing blow.

And if, by some cruel spite of fate, it be ye what read this, Vanthus,

know with certainty I wait for ye in Hell, where I intend t’rival the pit

itself in yer torm............................."


The rest of the note is just a ink splat & a line that extends off the page, Penkus must have died while writing.

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"Vanthus stabbed a friend in the back? I'm shocked," Kavik responds dryly. "Unfortunately, this doesn't help us find a way out of here. This room looks dry, so we at least know this room stays below the tide, unless it was the door that stopped the water from coming in. And he was here long enough to starve and claw himself to pieces, so we can probably presume there is no secret exit in here, or he would have found it, unless he was an idiot."

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"Looks as if 'e was scratchin' at his face... as if soemthin' was gnawin' at 'is flesh.... praps spiders...rats.. 'r worse?"


Arwin starts looking around the room for the sorts of small holes or tunnels that such creatures may enter through.


Does there appear to be any marks on the walls or floor to indicate he tried to escape or that there was any sort of scruff in the room?

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The room is pretty dry, well other then the common traits it shares with the rest of the tunnels, moisture on the walls due to the humidity, your sure the room would probably smell the same if not for Penkus rotten corpse stinkin up the place, which you figure, shouldn't be this bad. It was only little over month & half or so that, the dwarf that ran the boatyards said he saw Vanthus & Penkus buy the boat & load it up with barrels.


As you look over Penkus closer you see he does have a solid bruise on his right cheek, as it he was struck by something, & not Vanthus either. Perhaps he had a chance encounter with the hungry undead that plagued the tunnels or even the ex-cleric turned undead hecauva that almost ended Heleger life, your not sure, not that it matters, Penkus is truly dead & unless someone wants to pack his bloated diseased corpse up the surface to find & pay a cleric to do clerical things to it, easier solution would probably be the note that is written in his hand-writing.


Yarrin, you recall that Penkus was well known in Shadowshore, so if & when the party returns to Sasserine, this note will be enough to condemn Vanthus Vanderboren, possibly even enough to convince Lady Lavinia Vanderboren of her brother's treachery & reason for his "turning".


Anny, there is no holes or marks anywhere, just solid moist stone. Whatever Penkus died from didn't come from this room. You start to search the walls for anything, you search the North wall & nothing but solid stone, you search the Southern wall, again nothing but stone, finally you search the West Wall, your about to give up hope, when suddenly your fingertips brush over a faint break in the wall. In Penkus's condition, your not sure if we could have found it. You push on the "door" & nothing happens but as you get near the SW corner you push in a hidden brick that clicks loudly & pops into place, giving you a handle to pull this secert door open.

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