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A Tide arrises......


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Heleger raises his mug and toasts with the rest of the group. He downs it in one, and says to the others, "We'll head oot ta the Vanderboren estate toomooroow moorinin' Make sure ta get soom rest. Ah've gut an errand ta roon b'foore toornin' in. See yoo all in tha moornin'"


The dwarf sets his mug down and walks out the door, heading for Gildendorf Steelhammer's forge.

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In equally hushed tones, while waiting for innkeeper's son to shown him to his room, "Perhaps we can discuss this in a more private setting, or even better, in the morning when we've all had a good night's rest and a chance to clear our minds. Not like we're going to convert anything til then anyway, and we know what would be missing if anyone got greedy."

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(Kavik)....and we know what would be missing if anyone got greedy."


Ordinarily Arwin would have taken personal offense at those last few words, but she quickly reminds herself that Kavik is an even newer newcomer than she, and he probably has not yet been given reason to mistrust her.


"I'll still be 'ere in the mornin'. I swear me soul on it."


Once she has gotten something more substantial to eat, Arwin opts out of any evening carousing that might take place, going to her room instead for a good wash-up and a good stretch of uninterrupted sleep. But before she puts out the lamp, she doesremember to bolt the doors and windows and takes one last chance to count all the loot she is carrying on her person.

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The innkeeper's son arrives and shows Kavik to his room. "Thanks lad. Please, have no one bother me in the morning. It's been a long week and I intend to sleep the day away."


Pouring some water into the washbowl, Kavik rinses some of the brine off and pulls off his armor, wincing at the pain in his shoulder as the muscles have become stiff. With extra care, he cleans the edges of his wounds and puts the damp cloth on the shoulder to draw out any infection.


Kavik bolts the door and latches the windows. The ranger places his handaxe beneath his pillow before stretching in the large bed as a loud yawn escapes his lips.


The hunt isn't yet over Vanthus. I will find you. I will bring you to justice. And now, I am with a pack, and they have cause to hate you too. When we get our hands on you, there won't be enough left to chum the waters. is the final thought that cross through Kavik's mind before he falls into a deep and troubled sleep. Dreams of his drowning family, watching them take their last breaths and their bodies being consumed by the crabs and fish while he was trapped beneath the waves with them keep him tossing in the night.

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It takes you about 30 to an hour to get to the armorer, Gildendorf. He shows you the progress he has made on the armor & says it'll probably be done sometime in a couple days. He hasn't had much of any special orders come in the last few days so he'll have allot of free time to devote to it. Sastisfied, you make your way back to the inn. The mid-evening air is nice. The dampness & foul stench of the dungeon was a bit to bear. The air is humid but not sticky (like it's gonna rain) thou you can see clouds forming in the west. You take your time getting back to the inn.


Rest of the group


The innkeeper's son brings out more ale & whips something up in the kitchen for the party, the normal cook having gone home a couple of hours ago. After the impromptu dinner everyone makes their way to the rooms.




The room is pretty nice, but you barely notice as you make your way to bed. After getting things ready you lay down & as your head hits the pillow, you fall fast asleep.



You say a prayer to Procan before retiring, noticing that a storm is on it's way to Sasserine, you open the window a little bit to let the cool sea breezes in. Afterwards you crawl into bed & fall asleep.




You find that the bed is one of the nicest you've laid in quite awhile. Your rest stops lately have either been dives, or ship bunks or like recently a cold floor. You think of what Lady Vanderboren will say when you see her & you hope that she'll accept you as a employee.




"Soooo you think highly of yourself, eh?" a dark voice says from a darken corner. "How odd that you have found yourself useful for someone other then yourself." the voice continues. "Don't worry, you'll let them down, just like your anscestors did long ago, it's in your blood." A pair of glowing blood red eyes emerge from the darkness. "It's your destiny.............."


You violently sit up from your bed, you rub your eyes & face. Your pillow is soaking wet with sweat. Also there is a splotch of red on it as well. You feel the side of face & your fingers come away bloody, you've bleed from your ear. Getting up, you pour yourself some water from the pitcher on the nightstand. You finally notice it's raining outside, as a flash of lighting lights up the sky. Your not sure of the time. You pour some water on towel & wipe the blood away from your head & fingers. With that you make your way over to the chair by the window, you stare out the window watching the storm wet down Sasserine. Just anther night for you.


The NEXT DAY (everyone heals back 3 hps back if applicable)


Everyone wakes up early. Tolan thou is a bit later, a bit red eyed but none the less refreshed. The innkeeper is at the front desk. He sees the party & get everyone breakfast. A simple meal but the food is good. The dwarven cook knows his trade.

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Arwin wakes up feeling almost tired from dreaming too vigorously, but the fatigue is easily washed away with a good warm drink (whatever the Strumpet's Excuse has to offer) and a breakfast that does not involve fish or wormy grist.


She sips at her third cup-of and tries to keep her words discreet as she speaks to the others. "Do ye wanna get 'round'ter yer lady mistress first, or do ye wanna go upstairs and talk about pretty shiny things first?"


Meanwhile, she has let her mind wander to what sort of secret the strumpet must be keeping. She herself had been told of one particular working girl who was in fact a man, but somehow he still managed to earn a good living from gentleman-callers from the nobles district.

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Kavik joins the group in far better spirits than he left them the previous evening. "It's amazing how a good night's sleep on a real bed can make you feel like a new man." Kavik rotates the shoulder where the he was savaged by the ghasts. "I think I got lucky on the shoulder too. I feared that beast's bite would fester, or worse. It's already almost fully mended."


The ranger polishes off two full plates of the breakfast, and starts on a third helping. Clearly famished, he prevents himself from wolfing the food down, despite clearly relishing the real food after several days of fast and short rations.


Between bites, Kavik agrees with the priest, although for different reasons. "Let's see your patroness first and tell her about her rotten brother. I want to see her face when she is confronted with what dear brother has done now."

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...I want to see her face when she is confronted with what dear brother has done now."


Heleger hears this last as he gets to the table, and immediately rounds on the human. "Yoo will keep a civil toonge in yoor head when ya mentioon Lady Lavinia, oor Ah'll snatch it oot! Soo, ya'd like ta see tha dissapoontment an' sadness oon m'lady's face when we tell her tha latest bad news aboot her nooaccoont ruttin' broother? Have a good laugh, will ya? Well, if'n ya doo, a facefool oof axe will be tha last thing yoo ever see, mah friend!"


The dwarf sits down and begins shoveling porridge in his head, grumbling about slow armorsmiths and fool humans under his breath.

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