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A Tide arrises......

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"Have a good laugh, will ya? Well, if'n ya doo, a facefool oof axe will be tha last thing yoo ever see, mah friend!"


A cold mask drops over the ranger's face at the threat. "Oh, I have no intention of laughing. But I won't deny some pleasure in her pain. One brother is naught compared to losing your ship and everyone you count as family, and having to watch them slowly smother beneath the waves. So don't you dare threaten me. I've no love lost for that family, I've never claimed otherwise. Take your frustration over the unrequited love for the lady elsewhere. I'll not tolerate your threats."


Kavik rises from the table.


"I've lost my appetite. I will be in my room."

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Yarrin rises quickly and rests his hand on Kavik's shoulder, "Now each of us has a different view of the situation. I can think of many a time when it wasn't either end of an argument that was right but somewhere in the middle was where wisdom sat. This is neither time for threats," looking at Heleger, "nor is it a time to sate our injury and loss in the pain of others. Procan teaches us that the waves of life are to be moved with not against. They can be gentle and carry you along smoothly or they can crush you like a ship in a storm. Let's all relax and enjoy a bit of salty air and sunlight and the company of people who may yet be friends."

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After breakfast, the mood of the party is as bad as the morning weather. The wind blows but its not enough to blow the storm away from Sasserine. The trip to the Vanderboren Manor takes about 30 to 40 mins by foot. The Manor is looking better, with the debts that Lavina has recovered, but it's a work in process. Walking through the gate, you make your way up to the Manor & knock on the door. A familar face greets you at the door


"Ah, welcome, welcome." says Flora, the elderly gnome housekeeper. As she leads you to the library she says "Her Ladyship was wondering were you were up to. I'll go find her Ladyship & inform you are here to see her." The eldery gnome makes her way out of the library, & about 10 minutes later, Lady Vanderboren comes into the library. She is dressed in a red velvet dress with a high collar. "Ah, welcome. I hope everything is ok." She looks at the party noticing the new additions to the party & the missing persons as well.


"Where are, Vieta & Malrae?" she says with a worried tone "And who are these people?" she asks.

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"I am Kavik, recently of The Brazen Sirene."

Kavik pauses and speaks at the edge of hearing, "May Aventernus guide their souls."


"I met them while I was injured by some sort of ghouls in a series of smuggler tunnels on Parrot Island. They had been trapped in there by your brother. I was cornered in there by my wounds and those beasts while hunting for him. Perhaps you've heard of the Sirene? It's one of the boats that mysteriously sank in the middle of the night with all hands lost."


"Well, almost all hands... Care to guess who was behind it?

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Once Kavik has stepped forward and introduced himself, Arwin follows.


"Pleased ter meet ye, Missus.", Arwin says. She starts to extend her hand, but then remembers her station in life, quickly retracts her hand and just curtsies to her new employer. "Me name's Arwin. I only just joined on a day ago... maybe two days?". She looks around at the others, not really wanting to be the one to properly elaborate on the news to which Kavik is alluding.


She stands aside and hopes somebody else will be able to telll the whole story with more tact and finesse.

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Heleger steps forward and gives a slight bow. "M'lady, Vieta an' Malrae have oonfurtoonatetly fallen in battle. They were good sooldiers an' will be remembered. As Kavik said, we did find yoor broother, an' were pooled in by his treachery; left ta die in the tunnels beneath Parrot Island. These two helped oos escape."


He takes out the note found on the body in the tunnels and hands it to her. "We foon this oonna buddy in one oof tha room doon there. Ah'm afraid it's nut good news."

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Lady Vanderboren is sadden to hear the lost of Malrae & Vieta


"I knew him before the death of my parents, sad to hear he has passed on. Also it sad to hear about Vieta, he seemed to be a good person. There was something about him, he felt like he was hiding something, but not a bad secret or anything like that."


She looks at Kavik & says


"Sirene? Why yes it was one of my father's merchant vessels, it went down about 6 months ago. The few surviors of the tragedy said it was a fire in the cargo hold that sunk her. Intensive heat, more then likely Greek fire or some other highly combustible that ignited."


She pauses after you mention her brother, Vanthus


"Venthus? While I hear you & believe your words, as my brother has changed over the recent months, why I do not know, but my heart says otherwise. I will say after he struck me with his hand, I could tell he was a changed man. No longer the fun-loving older brother I grew up with."


"I'm sorry for your loss, really I am. I know what your going through.


She takes the note from Heleger.


"Thank you, master dwarf."


She reads the note


"While I've never heard of this Penkus Cachoo, he is more then likely the person I seen my brother hanging out with a few times here in the manor. He had that look in his face, when I seen him."


She scans that note further


"Lap of the Lotus? I've never heard of this.


Taxidermist Hall?? Hmmm I don't recall where this is either. Granted my father would but I never paid much attention to where he would take his trophies to be stuffed. I know my mother disapproved of them, but she tolerated them.


You'll have to ask around Sasserine for it."


She hands you back the note.


"Keep it for reference. I'll ask around as well. I wish Duncan (or whatever his name was, ha ha,--been too long ago again) were here. He might know."


She looks at Anny & Kavik & says "It sounds like you have proven yourselves already to the rest of the party here. With Malrae, Vieta gone from the group, I offer you their spots in my employment. I will offer the same deal as I offered them. 200 gold crowns a month, as well as room & board at the Strumpet's Excuse for as long as your in my employment. So what is your reply?"

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"Thank you for the offer of employment, while the gold and accomodations would be nice, I can get by on my own so it's not necessary." Kavik pauses briefly and realizes 200 crown a month is more than he ever earned on the Sirene. "It's also not unwelcome an offer. But I will not accept such an offer blindly. I have some questions that need be answered."


"What strings are attached to this offer? What limits are you placing on us as your employees, and what expectations have you of services rendered? I guess in short, what does the job entail?"

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She grasps Anny's hand & says "Your very welcome."


She turns to Kavik. "I understand. I originally wanted the group to find my brother. Now that he has been found I'd like the group to find him & bring him to justice. I have no idea why he has done what he has done. Either he has done it by free-will or someone is forcing him. I don't know. I do know that I want to face the charges for killing our parents & for murdering the people aboard the Sirene. Also, if I need something done that a person of my stature couldn't do, I'd like you to be there for me. As my house is slowly rising back in Sasserine, it would be very damaging to me & my house if I were to get caught in something, that I could let you guys handle."


"Your free to do what you need to do. I don't want my brother dead, at least not yet. While I hate him for killing our parents I do want to know why he did it. It's not like our parents put us in any harm."


"So does that answer your question?



At this time Kora, comes with a pitcher & some glasses. She sets it down & starts pouring drinks to everyone.


"Thank you, Kora." Lavinia says


Kora gives a formal bow & leaves the library.

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"Mah lady," Heleger says after taking the glass offered by Kora. "If Ah may ooffer mah oopinioon, it seems that yoor broother is either actin' oof his oon free will, oor he's oonder the infloonce oof soom soorta spell oor enchantment. He did nut trap oos in that hool with any regret noor remoorse. Boot, we will nut knoo fer certain oontil we have coot him an' questiooned him."






(OOC: By the way, the guy's name is Jared.)

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[OOC] Sorry, I didn't notice that Randy had replied. [/OOC]


"That does answer most of my concerns. I cannot promise you that I will spare your brother's life however. He has taken too much from me and there is far too much blood on his hands. If you want to sleep better you can think he has been compelled to act that way, but I will not stomach such an excuse. I will not kill him in cold blood, but I also will not hold back should I face him. If you can accept that, then I will work for you."

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Lavinia looks at you & you can see the decision that she is gonna make weighs heavy in her heart, but she says


"If it comes down to it, then I am ok with the death of my brother. He didn't give our parents a chance, nor did he your loved ones."



She looks at Heleger (btw thanks for correcting Jared's name) & says


"After my brother struck me, I could tell something wasn't right with him. It was like I staring at a totally different person, but this person looked just like my brother, so you may be right."


The meeting lasts for about anther hour. The party discusses what happen with the tunnels, before & during. (I'll leave it up to you if you tell her about the stash you found in the tunnel, but as Lavina stated before, any treasure found is yours to keep). As you leave the manor, the rain lets up, but the skies are still grey. The humidity while high doesn't feel so bad right now. You do know that it could change at a moment's notice.

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(sorry didn't realize this one had updated)


Arwin looks to the others, not wanting to challenge anybody else's seniority.


"Whatzit ye wanna do next? Go back ter th'inn an' divvy ther loot? Or go nab yer lady's brother lest 'e come after us first?

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