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A Tide arrises......

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Ach! Noobuddy said anythin' aboot it bein' roon by an elf! Ah well, at least it looks clean, Heleger says to himself as he surveys the room.


"An' a beer as soon as poosible, if ya can," he says aloud.

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Anny, you scan the crowd & there appears to be no one that you've met before, matter of fact the crowd ignores the party at the desk. They continue with what they were doing.


The clerk says to Heleger, "Beverages are served in our common room, after your signed in, your welcome to order whatever you like."


"Close together, let me see........" Kellandra says as she looks at the log.


"Ah, here we are, I do have 2 groups of 3 that are together. One is on the ground floor, the other grouping is on the 2nd floor. I do have a few singles that are close to the grouping on the 2nd floor if you don't mind that?"


As you negotiate, she says "the price for each room will be 10 silvers a day or 2 gold a week." You explain that Lady Vandenboren will be handling the payment, producing, her signature & noble mark for Kellandra to verify.


You settle into your new rooms, which are nice, but simple. There is a bed, a small table & chair & a small footlocker, with the key inside the lock. There is a small mirror on the wall. All the rooms have a window. After dropping off whatever the party needs to, you all gather in the common room to discuss your next move.

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