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Minis we would like to see (fantasy version)


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This is the current thread for minis we would like to see.

  • As the compiler of the data in the thread, I have a request, please don't spend a lot of posts on off topic chatter in this thread, it makes my compiling harder.
  • The included list is formatted exactly how HQ receives it. it would make compiling much. much easier if your post included a brief list of your request at the beginning and then you follow with the paragraphs of text you wish to explain your requests. when clear items are not easily found, they may not make the list that gets forwarded.
  • Warlord Game expansions that is requests for specific models for Warlord are encouraged to be made in the Warlord Forums. Warlord Models are part of Game Development and not part of Fantasy Line Development.

Off Topic Chatter and general sillyness will be removed.


thank you.


"Correctly" Sized Goblins


"Mongolian-Amazon" Faction For Warlord


1/2 Ogre Female Fighter In Chain Shirt With Large Great Sword And Ferret.


3 Staged Characters


5'0 200 Lb Female 1/2 Elf


Aasimon Angels


Adventurers With Nonstandard Mounts




Anime Styled Critters And Characters


Ant Creatures Armed With Nasty Looking Weapons


Anti-Paladin On A Seahorse










Bar Fight Minis




Bigger Scale Models


Bipedal Spider






Cave Bears




Central Asians


Characters On Mounts, Exotic Mounts .






Clockwork Or "Forged" Familiars.


Cloud Giant


Companion For Sophie


Creatures From Greek And Roman Mythos.


Crocodiles, Both Normal And Giant/Dire.


Crossbow Sniper' - On His Belly, Leather Armour, Crossbow Ready To Fire.


Dark Dwarfs




Demon Grunts (Lesser Demons):


Different Races Asleep In Bedrolls




Drunk Guys With Daggers/Broken Bottles/Chairs As Weapons.


Drunken Monk Type


Dungeon Set With Racks And Iron-Maidens And Other Such Painful Toys.


Dutchman-Style Crewman Minis


Dwarf Dragon Slayers.


Dwarf In Roman Armour


Dwarven Bagpiper


Dwarves 4'6" -5'


Dwarves With Steam Powered War Machines




Eldritch Giant


Elf Assassins/Rouge Adepts.


Elf Ranger ... That Looks Like He's Been In The Boonies ....


Elves 5'6" - 6'


Fallen Angels


Fat Bathalian Fire Sorcerer


Fat Mayor Type Guy With A Big Medal On His Chest.


Female Barbarian With A Great Axe Not Almost Nude


Female Beetle Paladin


Female Cultists, With Little On


Female Dwarven Battlerager


Female Halfling Fighter


Female Halfling Who Isn't A Rogue


Female Spell Casting Spider Centaur


Female Version Of 02974 Elquin, High Elf Adventurer.


Fiendish Kobold With Dragon/Demon Wings.


Flumpf (Sp)


Flying Pigs






Gender Specific Humanoid Insect Characters


Giant Boars


Giant Ground Sloths


Giant Jumping Spiders


Giant Luna Moth


Giant Riding A Mastodon


Giant Slug!


Gnome Cleric, Male




Gnomes 3' Or Less


Gnomish Paladin On War Pony With Lance


Goblin Paladin On A Barded Giant Spider.


Goblin Paladin On A Worg


Goblins Riding Giant Spiders


Goblins Riding Wolves


Good Dragons


Good/Bad Consciences




Gorgon: Big Metal Scaled Bull




Greek / Trojan Line (Warriors, Heroes, Townsfolk)


Greek Warrior Holding Up A Medusa's Head




Guy Sneaking Up From Behind And Hitting Another Guy Over The Head With A Bottle.


Guys With Hammers, Shovels, Torches, Rakes


Halfling Naval Crew.


Halfling Pike Man


Halfling Pirate Crew.


Halfling Whistler Or Flute Player


Halflings, Goblins 3' - 3'6"


Half-Ogre Jester


Hellfire Wyrm


Hero Trying To Fit In His Old Armor Just One More Time






Hobgoblins Of Other Classes


Holiday Minis For Use In Table Top Games.


Horse And Cart


Hound Archon


Human Male Clerics W/ Maces.


Humanoid Insect Warriors


Humans And Orcs 6' - 6'6"






Insect Royalty


Insect Warriors


Interchangeable Rider


Japanese Monsters Of Myth And Legend


Kabuki Style Samurai


Kapa Or Kappa


Kebler Style (Small) Elves Or Gnomes With Pointy Ears.




Kitsune - Human And Fox Form




Knight Of Solamnia


Kobolds Riding Dire Rats






Landscape Bases


Large Kobold With A Scorpion Tail.


Leafy Like Armor


Long Eared Elves - Anime Style Elves


Mad Scientists




Male Grasshopper Barbarian


Male Mermaid


Male Were Cat Preferably, Were Tiger






Mech Dragon


Mechanical Dragon


Mega Fauna Mammals


Mentalist Type Figures Or Human Figures Who Have The 'Psionic' Look




Monsters With Riders




More Beastmen Of The Wyld.


More Dire/Celestial Animals.


More Dragons With Unique Heads


More Drow Miniatures


More Exotic Weapons Like Garrotes, Chakrams, Blowguns, Or Even Repeating Crossbows.


More Female Characters With Two Handed Weapons Period.


More Female Fighters With Swords In Dynamic Poses


More Giant Bugs, Praying Mantis, Ants, Wasps, Bees Etc.


More Guns


More Halflings,


More Kobolds!


More Liche Like Creatures, Undead With Regal Cloths.


More Mixed Bloods: Half/Orcs, Half/Ogres, Half/Dragons, Half Elves.


More Mythical Japanese Minis.


More Of The Female Bard Types From Werner


More Penguins With Weapons.


More Succubae!!


More Towns Folk But With Like Elves Half Orcs And Other Races That Would Be Cool


Mushroom Puppy Dog?




Nazi Zombies Or Vampires,


Nefsokar Chariots.


New Horse Sculpts


No More Armored Knight/Fighters With Hoods Instead Of Helmets


Nonhuman And Monstrous Arcane Spellcasters


Non-Human Barbarians (But Not Half-Orcs Or Orcs)


Nonhuman Bards


Non-Human Monks


Ogres 7' -7'6"


Old People, Like An Old Military General In A Crazy Big Hat


One Mini With The Body, Head And Arms separate with options


Orc/Half-Orc War Drummer


Orcs Riding Giant Boars


Overweight Male Heroes


Overweight Fighters.




Pirate Crew. Some Grunt Crew, Kind of Like Townsfolk Packs.


Platypus Familiar


Predator From The Movie




Pro Wrestler Santa.


Pumkin Headed Scarcrows For Use In Table Top Games.


Raiding Force Type Boxed Sets With A Dozen Of A Certain Race.


Raistlin-Style Mage


Ranger With Sicle And Hammer


Rank And File Demonic Soldier Types


Reptus Cavalry


Reptus Mounted On A Giant Spider.


Resculpt Of Liriel Silverlocks?






Rust Monster




Satyr Playing Pan Pipes.


Scaled-Down Treant, One That Could Be An Adventurer.


Series Of Mounts With Interchangable Riders


Smithy Wagon




Spell Effects Like A Fireball Or Something Forming Out Of A Mist.




Stone Giant


Storm Giant, Nordic Looking Guy Wielding Thunder Bolts.


Succubus Paladin That Rides A Vrock... ;)


Tall Halflings 4' - 4'6"


Taltain Family Exactly Like The Man, Wife And Little Girl In The Warlord Book.


Tavern Pack With Crates, Barrels, Platter Laiden With Meat And 'Taters, Perhaps A Tray Of Mugs Or Rack Of Wine Bottles




Titan, Greek Stylish Giant Male Or Female.


Town Cryer Figure






Trolls 8' - 9'


Turkish Types


Wagon With Various Separate Prop Pieces - Bags, Barrels, An Anvil,


War Pony


Wardogs: Retriever, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Mutt, Poodle Or Dachsund




Warforged-Esque Minis


Weapon Pack Inc 'Exotic' Weapons Whips, Spiked Chains, Kamas, Nunchakus,


Weapons Pack That Contains Black Powder Weapons.


Wendol (1/2 Bear 1/2 Man) From Norse Mythology


Werecreatures In Hybrid Forms, Or 3 Pack, Human, Hybrid And Animal Form...




Wizard Accessory Pack With Books, Scrolls, Wands, Rods, Staffs, Potions, And A Few Assorted Spell Components Such As Crystals Or A Cauldron.


Wizard's Study Pack With Opened Tomes, Candelabra, And Arcane-Type Vials And Crocks Of Spell Components


Workers, generic



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Top Posters In This Topic

I glanced through the list from the last thread and didn't see female grunts/adepts for Crusaders. Most other factions at least one of a blister is female, but there's only the battle nuns for crusaders. The recent Merc women that have been coming out are GREAT, but I'd like some that can be played for Crusaders too.

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I saw a pic of a DDM skeletal legionnaire from the war drums set, and I thought "that's really cool, a rank and file skeleton warrior who hasn't been buried stark naked, what a pity it's prepainted plastic." How about some similar style skellies in metal, maybe a multi-pack?

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More Norse, Asian, Celtic, Arabian, & Mongol looking but still fantasy miniatures. Maybe a grunt pack of 3 of them in each pack since we have a lot of the heroes now.


More thugs like the one coming out, great on it btw!


Some Dire wolves and Dire bears that are even bigger then what you make now.


World of Warcraft influenced minis.




Stag, and the moose that was shown but never released


Fomorians like the ones in the Slaine comic books


more saber tooths


some priests with robes without armor & with staffs that look heroic like in WoW not like the townsfolk ones.


A bear like race of creatures like confrontation has with the Wolfen. Large like that but bear like, they could be Vendo from norse mythology.


Frost elves from Werne, with furry clothes.


Barbarians riding stags, aurochs, bulls, bears, or sabertooths


and as always, more townsfolk, or civilians from the wilderness as well like ferry men, miners, sailors, highway wardens ect..

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More barbarians in decent armor (at least scale or chain mail), male and female.


A tall female elf (6' tall) with a katana wearing full body suit of chain or plate mail. Long hair and a dramatic pose would be cool (striking scorpion maybe? Will describe if needed.)


A few more female fighters with axes (any race.)


A huge armored troll with a war scythe. (similar to that big one with the double bladed battleaxe and choice of two heads (one armored one non-armored.)


A human barbarian or fighter with a double axe.


I haven't had time to read all the other posts so if any of my ideas cross with others in existance my humble apology to the originators.

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Drow pirates, arrrrr with guns and such ... heck, just more Tolkien races as pirates


Characters in more Final Fantasy/dungeonpunk/modernesque-anachronistic attire rather than the standard SCA/Ren. Faire attire. (1)


More characters with ridiculous over-sized swords. (1)


More dire animals ... heck, just more animal in general.


More characters with spiked chains and whips.


Fantasy western characters. Yes, old west as in cowgirl Sophie. Elves with level action rifles, dwarves with mare's legs, saloon girls casting spells, ...


Anime/manga inspired Japanese miniatures.


Indiana Jones/Lost World/The Mummy pulp figures.




(1) Check Hyung-Tae Kim's work.

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A tall female elf (6' tall) with a katana wearing full body suit of chainmail with a scale mail vest over the chain mail. Long hair and a dramatic pose would be cool (striking scorpion maybe? Will describe if needed.)


That sounds similar to the elf mentioned (and pictured) in Oriental Adventures (D&D 3.0)...


Thing is, I wouldn't mind seeing an elf samurai... Or a dwarf... Or even a half-orc... Though the last might not be such a bad looking thing.


A newer Ogre Mage for Dark Heaven wouldn't be bad either.

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