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Minis we would like to see (fantasy version)


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What I’d like to see:



There was a line of miniatures once, which had three different poses, one attacking, sleeping, and one standing at ease, all of the same figure in different garb. While the sleeping figure was nice, it would be better if you updated the 3 pose combination. I’d love to see, and buy, a fighting, a mounted, and a traveling poses. The Traveling pose would have normal clothes or traveling armor, after all Knights did not always where there plate armor, and as a GM I won’t allow my players to where full plate armor traveling or in civilized cites.


I like to see some Mages that get away form the robes and staff archetype, I know there are a few, in the line right now, but with the new D&D variant rules, human Mageblades are more common that ever. A mage in normal or "high fashion clothing" with a sword is needed. There was an old Ral Partha figure “Young Mage,” he was in fancy jacket and boots, right hand on a magical rod and left raised as if casting, that was about the best mage figure I ever seen.

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Ok some things I would like to see in the line.


More double weapons

I would love to see a cloaked theif or fighter with a double sword.


More two weapons

A human fighter in full plate or Scale mail weilding 2 long swords. Im tired of fileing the ears off...Im not very good at it...


Gnomes and halflings

There need to be more of them but more speficially warrior type classes


More half demons perhaps of different classes like wizards etc..


More Monks


More female half-orcs and dwarfs


Half-Orc and Dwarven Wizards casters etc...


Weapon pack with double weapons....example Like a double sword but both swords are the exact same instead of having to buy two packs to make said double weapon.


More Chain weapon weilders of different races...

I would like a bald ogre with a chain and a hook (snicker)


Arcane Archer would be nice....


Wizards that dont look like a clone of Gandolf....


Elemental pack (Earth,Fire,Wind,Water.....Heart?....go planet...j/k) all in one instead of haveing to hunt for them...


Gelatinous Cube....What?..Jello melts OK!


More Demons but not the classic horn and pitchfork type...something more gruesome and chaotic...with tenticals.


Aliens?....you know from the movie....I hate those Horror Clicks ones...


Alien Queen...what you cant have aliens without the queen....




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