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Minis we would like to see (fantasy version)


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I would also like to see these that were mentioned before:


Greeks (specifically hoplites with spear and shield)


Construct/Warforged/Ironborn types


In addition to those, I would love to see:


More models with flintlock style pistols and rifles (that aren't musketeers)

More models with historical-type polearms, like halberds, guisarmes, etc.

More cannons, ballistae, mortars, etc.

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Horned Devil to continue covering Monster Manual bases. Don't make me pay $30 for a plastic DDM version.





YES !!!!!! I want one of these in metal too !!!!! Even if I did manage to get a DDM version for "only" $18. :blink:


And more Battle Nuns like Marie, Catherine and Candice please !!!!! :wub:

One with a bow and another with a crossbow would be outstanding.

Is it wrong of me that I like cheesecake nuns ??? :devil:

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Hmmm, since this is where I should request fantasy miniatures



How about an Honest Politician mini?



I'd like to see a rider with a saddle that was scaled to fit on the back of some of the larger dragons. It would be a conversions only sort of mini, but it would make a neat accesssory for some of those big munsters in the boxes.

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More bar room patrons, standing, seated, and a bar to go with the Townsfolk pack. A hearth would help, and tables and benches. I know Citadel did this back in the eighties to some extent, but bar room brawls are in SO many D&D games, that I'm surprised Reaper hasn't done more models like this. A boxed set would probably sell like hotcakes.


While we're at it, seeing player character figs in two poses would rock. Imagine the fighter in the dynamic sword-swingin' pose, and then in a casual pose with a stein or clay jack in his hand. Three stage characters have been done before, but not two pose characters.

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I love the demon/devils (from D&D 3.5) that Reaper has put out, especially the unique ones, but we need more to fill out the basics. My wish list for 2007:

- Horned devil (Cornugon)

- Bearded devil (Barbazu)

- Barbed devil (Hamatula)

- Lemure

- Abishai

- The remaining unique devils types (i.e. – Asmodeus, etc)

On the demon side:

- Babau demon

- Closer variant to a Balor

- Dretch

- Hezrou

- Nalfashnee

- Nabassu

- Molydeus

Yugoloths (D&D version 3.5):

- Nycaloth (four armed, canine head, fat variant for 3.5)

- Dergholoth

- Ultraloth

- Arcanoloth

- Hydroloth

- Piscoloth

- Yagnoloth


- All of them

Gehreleth (Demodand):

- All three types from D&D 3.5

Old school monsters:

- Rust monsters are an absolute must

- Ankhegs are also a must

- Aboleth

- Harpies

- Thessalhydra; I would give my first born to see this one done right (AD&D style)

- Hydra

- Remorhaz

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Male figures with feathered wings. There's lots of females with feathered wings but no males. And yes, I know I could always get the wings from the boneyard and attach them myself but that's waaaaay too much work for us.

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Sophie for St.Patty's day would be cool...perhaps in teeny revealing leprechaun garb?


{Okay...so I've been reading OoTS and getting straaange notions}


Add to my wish list Malapango Tree-Orcs! (from the DHA core rules) They'd go nicely with those new Malapango Savages.

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Someone at the FLGS today suggested "First-Communion Sophie."


Well, that's... interesting...


Would that be similar to Catholic Schoolgirl Sophie? :devil:


Then again, with Sophie you almost can't go wrong...


::wonders what Valentine's Day Sophie would look like::

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