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The Kingdom of Mordant

Lady Tam

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Brull sips his mulled wine drink, slowly this time. The young half-orc has been quiet and fairly withdrawn since his drunken outburst. He has remained at Reginald's side, determined to let no harm come to the monk. Reginald, whether he knows it or not, has become the father figure Brull never had. The young half-orc is sitting close to Reginald reading two small parchments with basic alphabet symbols of the common lagnuage written on them. Justarius had told him these would help him begin to learn how to read and write.


As Dymitri and the others enter the inn, Brull immediately spots Dymitri and joins Reginald in greeting him. A broad fang-toothed smile stretches across Brull's face as he calls out in his native language to greet his former battle brother.


"Wem-ta-'jul! Tu'pkau! Returned to us you have Dee-me-tree!"


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Aleria gets up and says, "I can take you there now, if you wish..”

"Okay," Dymitri says.

"That sounds great, shall we?" as he gestures towards the door.

Pushing away from the table he gets up and pulls Kaylie's chair out for her, escorting her as they accompany Aleria out the door in to the chill of the night. As they begin to walk Dymitri says to Aleria, "We'll come back for the horses after the meeting, if that's ok."

The rest of the stroll to the inn is quiet.

Kaylie falls into step next to Dymitri as they follow Aleria.
Dymitri smiles as he looks at Kaylie, thinking, I could get use to this. To hades with Elf and Dryad woman, everyone is after them, I think I'll stay with my own race.

Getting closer to the inn the hackles on the back of Dymitri's neck stand on end, and that weird feeling is in his gut, I hope we're doing the right thing. he thinks.

They enter the warmth of the inn, and

Aleria scans the room and then points to where the group sits, "They are over there sitting.”
But, before Dymitri can follow the Dryad's finger he is nearly bowled over as he is lifted and spun in the air by..."REG!!!" :lol:

He exasperates as the man's bear hug greeting knocks the wind from his lungs. Dymitri is amazed. But, then he hears

"Wem-ta-'jul! Tu'pkau! Returned to us you have Dee-me-tree!"
and is once more he is assailed by..."BRULL!!!, by the Furies how are you, my Tu'pkau?" as he hugs him in return smiling.

Dymitri motions to Kaylie saying, "We are in good company."

As Kayllie approaches Reg says,

"And who is your friend?" Giving Dymitri a humour nudge in the ribs.

Dymitri smiles, "This is Kaylie...Kaylie this is Reg, and this great hulk of a person is Brull...they are friends."

"How in Basooth's name are you here?" Reg asks.

"It's a long yarn when we have time, my friend." he replies, holding the man at arms length.

Spinning to his companions and the stunned looks on their faces,
Reg makes the introduction,
"This is Dymitri, he was a companion of mine when this quest first began. He left us some time ago."


Dymitri is Human. About 20 years old with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. He wears a chain shirt and leather pants. He carries a well oil and maintained spiked chain on his right hip, a scimitar on his back along with a light crossbow.

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Archibald appears from behind the furniture, doffs his bobble-knitted cap and presents Kaylie with a pie of indeterminate origin, then flits up to the rafters.

Through the commotion Dymitri sees Archibald "flit" up to the rafters and says, "ARCHIE!!!...you too? Why come down here, it is an honor to be in your presence once again." ::D:

As the reunion continues Dymitri asks Reg and Brull, "So, where are the others now? Is Anden still in Dhurla's Pass? What of Lucius, Aramil, Gorin and Kita?" :huh:

"And, who are your new friends?" ^_^

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Brull watches as Archie interacts briefly with their old friend Dimitri. The half-orc smiles once more, but moves his hand to the large welt on the back of his neck remembering the potent sting the small dragon was forced to give him...


"A blu-bare-ee pie you must have Dee-me-tree, to bring Arc-hee-bald down from his perch..."


So, where are the others now? Is Anden still in Dhurla's Pass? What of Lucius, Aramil, Gorin and Kita?"  "And, who are your new friends?"


Brull gives a somber look to Reg, then back to the young figther... Hoping the wise monk might help him explain, Brull struggles to find the right words.


"Ann-den in Dhurla's Pass he may still be, as for Lu-cee-us, Bay-lus, and Kee-ta, called to other du-tees they were, parted ways with our group they did... Ah-ra-mil's fate is un-known and Go-rin," the young half-orc pauses again looking at Reginald, "the dwarf pel-lu'tu (fell in battle), he is no longer of this world."


"Our new friends, yes... Brull turns to introduce those present. Tar-a-ill, Tell-ee-nar, La-naa, Mak-sen, and Jus-tar-ee-us, trust them all Brull does, great warriors and book magic users they are, help us in our quest they have agreed..."


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Aleria walks over and whisperes something to Allegra. Nodding Allegra smiles and says "Well, I shall leave you to you reunion. And I think that with Lady kaylie with you you will not be needing my services. " witha smile she and Aleria head for the front door. Room is made at the table, and more food and drink is brought out. as old freinds get reaqunated and new freinds are introduced.


(Good chance for Dymiti and the rest of you to get to know each other...


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Dymitri is saddened by Brull's news of Gorin, and as

old freinds get reaquainted and new freinds are introduced,
room is made at the table, and more food and drink is brought out,
Dymitri helps Kaylie to a seat. Then orders a round of Dwarven Ale for the company.

As they wait, Macsen asks,

"Dymitri - what is it that y'do?  Where d'you hail from?"

Dymitri looks at the man he now knows as Macsen and replies, "Taught as a warrior, by my father, in the old ways of the chain, and now also a bit of a ranger I would guess...As far as where I hail from I am from Ever Reach, near Lake Marias."

"And, yourself?" he inquires in response.

As the Ale arrives Dymitri stands, and tapping his tankard he says, -_- "To Gorin a fallen friend and comrade in arms to us all, and ::): to friends, old and new, may this bond make our company successful in all it's endeavors."

With this said he raises his tankard tips it back and drains it. Then he sits and continues the reunion.

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Reg lifts his mug with the toast.

Looking at his re-united friend yes he's changed, no longer the boy, more the man


"Dymitri, what brings you back to us now? Last I knew you were off to visit your father on his death-bed." asks Reg.

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