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Yes, some great RPing going on for sure... However, I'd sure like to keep moving. As Brull said he'll tolerate Devon as the elf's honorable actions have scored some valuable trust/ rapport points in his book. I think Trol's DE PC is cool. Trminds me of a charatcer out of "War of the Spider Queen" series. Like Rlyds's son or something... Anyway rock on Mordant peeps.


LT how about a little sumpin'... Yes, put down those CAV models and give your hungry players some GM story telling...


Like to hear from some others as well.


Too bad Justarius is AWOL, he could use his Paladin powers to decern good or evil. He is technically still in the group, though he's been silent for months (RL). LT maybe you could NPC him for a sequence or two then WRITE HIM OUT... No slackers allowed. :upside:


I thought Lucius was coming back?


And our esteemed clerics of the past, Falon and Gorin. Too bad they had to leavre the game.



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