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Anybody play Blood Bowl?


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The treasurer of GAGG, while snooping around in the back of the club's game-closet, found a copy of Blood Bowl. He wants to get some people playing it, hopefully culminating in a big Blood Bowl tournament during the Superbowl (i.e., we eat some pizza, some nachos, watch the commercials shown during the Superbowl and play some Bloodbowl).


Is it worth getting in to?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Quite simply the best game Games Workshop every produced. Especially now that they are moving back to it existing in its own pseudo parallel world to the regular warhammer world. As now they are able to have a bit more fun with figures and not make them look like sporting versions of the Warhammer races.


I have an Undead Team, Norse Team, Elf (Generic looking) & Dark Elf Team and am slowly painting a Human team for my brother.

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I bought it a long time ago, back when the "Astroturf" field was in the box (the grey styrofoam playing board)


really wanted to get things going with it, but alas at the time had a measly job & freinds weren't really into it, thus I think I just ended up tossing it out after awile. What I remember was it was fun.


I never did really expand on the teams, but I do recall buying a few of the single players, I still have a orc that I need to finish painting someday...ha ha

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I don´t know if it´s the best game GW ever made (I just don´t know most of them), but it is a very good one. I´m playing BB for 3 years now and I´m not slowing down ...


I´ve got 7 teams right now: Humans, Orcs, Chaos Dwarves, Undead, Skaven, Goblins and an all-female Dark Elf team (the new shadowforge "Wicked Elves") is being painted up right now. I play in 2 local leagues and visit 4-5 tournaments in Germany per year. (The "official" Dungeonbowl is held annually in Germany).


I wouldn´t play BB during the superbowl. A typical BB match lasts 2+ hours and you can either watch the Superbowl or play the game ...


You can play BB online with a java client software. Visit http://fumbbl.com. But be warned. Some real good coaches out there. You can check me out there, my nick´s the same as here.


Other great sites in the net are:


www.bloodbowl.net - The official site of the NAF, a BB coaches association.


www.talkbloodbowl.com - messageboard with all things BB

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Quite simply the best game Games Workshop every produced.
Fully agree with this comment.


They also just updated the rulebook for the game and instead of making you pay your left arm to get another Codex ... the new rulebook is available for free on their website. A playtester team worked for 2 1/2 years to develop the new rulebook and I strongly believe its the most fun version of Blood Bowl to date.


New rulebook: http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/LivingRulebook5.pdf


New background for the game: http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/BBbackground.pdf


Blood Bowl also has the largest player organisation of any of the GW games (including WFB and W40k). With over 2000 active members the NAF is the big daddy of the GW player organisations. http://www.bloodbowl.net


The Blood Bowl tournament is held in Nottingham every spring ... 200 folks attend every year to bash heads.


There are many online leagues as well as mentioned earlier.


Its a great game ... the new rules made it an even better game .... definitely try it out.


Tom Anders

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We're not sure how much play it'll be getting....right now the treasurer and I are the only ones really interested in playing.


I'm planning on using Shadowforge's Orc Cheerleaders ::D:


But other than that it will be plastic GW Orc Boyz with weapons removed. I looked at a few options and that's more or less the cheapest way to do it.


(btw, Frosch -- small world; my DM's girlfriend played in the Alice in Wonderland scenario you ran at Rudicon. She showed me the con booklet to point out the event and I saw your name and said "heyyyyyy...")

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