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Getting the last word


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Vejlin's icon makes me want nachos. AM PM Nachos.


If you don't have an AM PM near you, then you probably have not had thier nachos. They're so good, that if somebody dropped one on the way back to their car, you would stop yours, get out and eat that fallen chip right off the tarmac. They're so good that you would bribe the cashier to let you suckle directly off the tap where you spray the nacho cheese condiment.


I don't know anything about Smokingwreckage getting the last word or not, but all I know is that I'm glad that AM/PM is open 24 hours. Although...around here they lock the 3 around my house up pretty tight after midnight. They have double thick bullet proof glass and you have to pay the cashier through a sort of "money slide" under her window. It's pretty cool, they'll go and make the nachos for you if you want them (if there's any left) and put whatever toppings you need on top.


I like mine with alot of that cheese condiment, with jalepeno's and a coke.

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