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Eldritch Demon: 02868


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Ok, so I haven’t posted in a long time, but I have my latest to show off now. This is my 13th mini, ever, and I think it’s a fitting choice. This one was handed of to a friend and faithful follower of Cthulhu, but not before I took pictures! It’s also the first one that I’ve ever played with basing beyond just painting, so be kind. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Oh and in case the pictures don't show it well enough I used a mix of gloss/matte varnish again. To give him the slimy, recently came up out of the seas look. Hope you like him!





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really nice work for your 13th mini, very nicely done


love the colors, it's plain but there are so many different various of green in there it's great to look at. Also love the "slimy" look as well, really works for this particular mini


hope your friend like the mini!!!


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Thanks for all the great comments so far. I had fun with this one once I finally figured out what colors to use. lol I looked at a loooot of pics before choosing which, if any, shades of green, brown, grey, etc to use. And yes, my friend did love it and it is a proud unique piece for his Cthulhu collection. He even brought it out to the bar with use that night and it went between guarding his beer and hovering over the dismembered parts (aka salsa). LOL


Oh and for the varnish I actually did a mix of matte spray and gloss varnish. I glossed him first, added one layer of matte spray and then touched up the gloss were I thought it needed it. I wanted some gloss for the 'slimy' look, but I also didn't want him looking like a glazed doughnut (Which I found too much gloss can do). lol



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Is it too late to add a me too on the liking the colors? :lol:

Seriously, though, I really like the colors that you chose for him, looks great.


I must be twisted, I have always thought that there was something "cute" about this mini.



LOL Of course it's not too late and thanks! And he does have a strange/gross suave/cuteness about him doesn't he? Well, except for the fact that he's posed to smack a *bleep* for not getting his money on time. :lol:

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