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My Third Sculpt


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I wanted to try a textured sort of hide on this one It should look good once painted but who knows...maybe it will bite me in the arse. Thanks, I thought the hands came out better too than my other two. Gubser, I was wondering could you make a Norm style fighter like from the cartoon mighty max? I'm sure reaper would pick it up and add it to dhl. That would make my bros day.


On that subject, I would like to thank you, Gubser for being active on this site, you seem to be one of the only sculptors for reaper that actually comes in here and helps the noobs, I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to critique and teach, its been helpfull.


Newt, Im glad you like my dragon, I did set up a lizard trap in my room in case you do decide to pull a five finger discount, lol.



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its so beutiful, wow! its the most amazing thing ever , i,m reduce to tears just wow how did it take

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. The cloud dragon took me about 2 weeks, around 2 hours a night, so about 28 hours. Its hard to say exactly, I'm learning alot as I go so things are getting smoother and I'm avoiding many early snags I hit with the previous 2 dragons. I'm doing a Sea Dragon next, can't wait to get it completed, I'm very excited about this one as its based on a childhood favorite by the legend Tom Mier.

- IG88

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