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1402 Magnus, Wizard of Hope


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Yes, I've had him that long and just got around to getting him done. :lol:


Playing with only the RMS first releases on this one, a bit of a personal challenge to not dip into all my mixes. It was kind of fun.


Any way, here he his in his Werner Klocke sculpted glory :wub: ...... and my paint. ::P:





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Oh wow! :blush: Thank you all for the great reactions to this one.


I pretty much was just having fun with the color choices.

Flynn, no metallic/pearl type paints at all on this on, amazingly enough for me, I figured there was more than enough color going on already. :lol:

Stern, I take that as a great compliment, to not care for a style and still compliment it, thank you.

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