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Gonna try this WIP thing


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Alright, I seem to back in the painting swing so I'm going to try doing the wip thing, we'll see how this goes (because with me, there's really no telling :lol: ) I will TRY to remember to stop for photos occasionally and I will try to remember to get in here and post them after I am through licking my brushes. ::P:


Anyway, Ishara ......


I saw her and thought drow, can't even picture her any other way at this point, so I'm going for it so that I can get that out of the way to do one "normal" too.


I think I'm pretty much done with her flesh at this point (note the word "think" in that), getting there with her red fabric/leathers (have yet to make a final decision, so can't move on there yet).


I know that I'm going to use light grey to white, silver, and possibly (go figure) a touch of true purple on her before all is said and done. At this point I am going with layering, we'll see if that remains the flavor of the week. :upside:


So here she is in skin and drapery:



Comments? Smacks to the head?

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Oh man! ::o:

I almost had a panic attack over that recipe.... I wrote it down in three places when I finally got it where I liked it and mixed me up about half a dropper bottle of it, this was around ReaperCon.

All should be good, right?

It took me almost an HOUR to find ONE of the places I had written it down. Thank you for asking for it, as it only would have been shuffled even further away from the painting room by the time I went for it otherwise. :blink:



Anyway, the recipe I use for the base color is 2:3 Shadowed Stone:Nightshade (both MSP)

I bring it up a tiny bit at a time first with Weathered Stone MSP

then with a mix of mine that it (I no longer have the numbers for but....) a little dioxazine purple in a fair amount of titanium white to make a light true lavender

I make sure not to lose the initial color and not to bring the mix all the way up to either of the mix in colors. This one is painted with layering.


I have decided that her boots are going to be pitch black leather, we'll see if they stay that by the time I'm done (oh look ..... a chicken :lol: ).


No pictures yet, having to calm down after thinking I had lost my formula for that flesh before I paint. :wacko:


(and yes, I now have a notebook with a big label on it just for paint notes ::P: )

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