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Viktoria, Sword Mistress *pics*


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I really wanted to include Eiryss in my WARMACHINE army, but couldn't bring myself to use the standard, sub-par sculpt that privateer press made. Thus, I went on a search to find a suitable proxy, and when I saw this mini from Wyrd minis, I knew I had found the right one. With some slight modifications, it would work just fine, IMO.


So, here she is!




Additional pictures:





She is normally carrying a sword in each hand, and has two additional swords in scabbards on her back. Eiryss carries one sword, and a crossbow, so I had to find a suitable crossbow model. I had one leftover from another PPS mini, and decided to use it - it is somewhat large, but oh well :)


On this mini I decided to try out a new recipe for blonde hair, and I think it came out OK. Alittle too washed out I think, and not enough yellow... but I still like it.


Comments welcome!



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I agree to LordColdsteal. Try to thin you paints much more. The hair turned out really great. I don't think that there is too few yellow, it looks as very bright blonde hair and 100% right in my opinion, I like it very much. Also face turned out very good, colours work well although it isn't my taste but that's another point. Good brush control but as I already said much too thick paints. I know well how filigree she is, I also got her. You could smoothen the blendings if you glaze the highlightings over with thin washes of a darker green. Or you try to paint the highlights in more stages but that is difficult at that filigree sculpt. So I think to work with washes is the better way here. Good shading at the metalics and I also like the Tattoo.

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Thanks for the kind words and comments :)


The camera has kind of saturated the colors alittle bit, and exaggerated the black lining. It is alittle more subtle in person.


Glad to know the blonde hair looks OK to everyone too. I was undecided at first, but I think I like it more now too.

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