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Bourbon Street Sophie


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Hey everyone!


The time has come for me to unveil the mini I've been working on for the majority of this month. I didn't keep track, but I'd venture a guess that I put in somewhere around 40 hours on it (quite a difference from my 5 hour speed paint earlier in the month).


I'll be packing this one up and shipping it to Reaper very soon, and it will be one of the Sophies up for auction sometime in early 2007. I think it might go for a little more than what it would have gone for in a blister. ::P:


This is somewhat rare for me, as I usually don't keep track of what I use for colors when I'm painting. This time I did, because I figured people would be interested.


The skintones (and wings) were as follows:


50/50 mix of Dark Skin and Rosy Shadow

Rosy Shadow

Rosy Skin

Rosy Highlight

Fair Skin

Fair Highlight


The hair was this:

Golden Blonde base

Oiled Leather wash

Golden Blonde

Linen White

Pure White


The dress was this:

Deep Amethyst (with a little bit of black)

Ritterlich Blue

Sapphire Blue (with a touch of Ritterlich)

Deep Ocean

Marine Teal

Jade Green

Spring Green

Lemon Yellow

glazed with Marine Teal and Jade Green

shadows cleaned up a bit with Deep Amethyst.


I have some intermediate shots of the dress that I can share if you are interested.


The stockings went through multiple iterations, but I think in the end it was mostly linen white, pure white, and glazes of a mixture of pale indigo and rosy flesh.


Comments/critiques always appreciated. Also, don't be shy about asking questions either. ::D:




For larger pictures and 4 more angles, go here. This is a 515kb file and is 800x5440 pixels. :wacko:


Also, feel free to vote on this one at Cool Mini or Not (fixed link!).


Thanks for looking! ::D:

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However, as Bourbon Street is an old hangout of mine, I was really expecting beads, and Sophie being topless. ::P:

Heh...but she's not in NO, now is she?


What she's doing in Toronto is a different matter altogether.

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