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Warlord Minis we'd like to see

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Otherwise, my mostest favorite-est game will turn into Cheezhammer. That would be a shame.


That sure would be a shame.


Warmachines are dicey in a skirmish game because of the smaller scale. Field artillery (which is anti-infantry in nature, as opposed to siege artillery which is anti-structure) has a place. Siege artillery.. not so much. Perhaps some way to make siege artillery next to useless against infantry would work. Maybe no AOE, a high RAV but only 1 target, and give it a high cost. So you could cream one model, but that wouldn't be worth it. That way you're using your siege artillery against a castle, and not in an army vs army on a field encounter. Or maybe just have Siege Artillery do like a ranged Knock action or something wierd like that. So it can't be used against infantry.


Field artillery though, that's more like the Soul Cannon (sortof) and the mortar idea. Smaller scale, it fits into a skirmish setting more.


Also remember that the rules (2nd printing at least) include rules for battering rams, which fall into the siege engine category (not artillery, but hey...). They're in the Stunts section, under Knock.

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You can easily handle Artillery like they do with Strike Assets in CAV.


Make it a for purchase, one shot item for a big cost. Since a good engine can have large range, it makes sense that it comes in from "off the board."


It can have a decent AOE and Drift. Drift will make people hesitant to use it all the time given the chance of creaming their own guys.

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I didn't expect War Machines to catch that much attention and I never cought the other topic either.


I don't want to hijack this topic and make it about war machines. But there are PLENTY of alternatives to war machines than simple Catapults. A wolfen with a ballista as a crossbow... that could be a siege weapon.


Easy fixes to help not make them over powered and keep them effective, give them minimum ranges. A catapult can't hit something that's 18" or closer. This makes it deadly in large games on a large table, where it belongs, and useless in small games.


Generic Siege weapons make sense also. Perhaps they could be used like Mercenaries, but Faction specific siege engines have sooo much more flavor.


Give it the right cost, if it's wrong, change it.




Other models I'd like to see:

--Reptus with huge two handed Katanas. Give me some infantry with first strike!


--A kick but solo, Reptus or Troll riding a Krung Beast. Have the Beast Rared up like sir damon.


--More reptus and darkspawn leaders... and a Great Demon :P


--Another Elemental of some type. The fire was great, lets see wind or water.


--Mounted models on more varied beasts. Pegusi, Elk for the elves, crazy demons for darkspawn, anything really.

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I wouldn't like to see an increase in the number of siege weapons or similar added to the game. A human will in a turn will move ten inches at a full run. If ten inches equals about 60 feet (10 inches @ 25 mm=6 feet is 60 feet), and that a person moves at a full run at 4 MPH. This would be about ten seconds of time.


A musket would get a round off every 6 turns. A catapult would be slower yet.


On the other hand, I would love to see chariots, and Dingo Appledimple's cohorts.


Or halfling chariots. :)

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I really want to see the Lupine Faction expanded. I know it's coming, but I grow impatient ::D:


I would like to see the following:


-A nasty, raging, full of bloodlust, Lupine Solo. Ya know, all claws and fangs to tear flesh from tasty opponents.


-Wolves. Sort of like the Crusader war dogs, but maybe they're the Grunts of the faction.


-Dire wolves. Elite or solo wolves.


-Lupines in human form. They do have a human form, but we have no Models yet. Maybe Mages or animal handlers or just regular peasants/commoners.


-Lupine Models with 2 forms!! :devil: . One set of stats and SA's in human form and one for Beast form. I'm sure the Models would be expensive to field, but it could give versatility. I'm thinking in Human form it has a Standard base, #MA 1, Mov 5, MAV 1, Dis 6, DV 10, Deflect, Tough/1 and then in Beast form it gains Large base, #MA 2, Mov 7, Mav 2, Dis 4, DV 8, Tough/2. I picture a soldier marching across the field of battle and then shedding his sword, armor and shield and transforming into the Beast to rip his foes to shreds. I'm sure there are many other options as well.

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Tony, I typed up a rather lengthy wishlist of Lupine ideas quite awhile back. Given your post, I bet you would like them. I'm feeling lazy though. You can do the search ::P:


True I'm lazy, but work is also really boring right now. My option is typing more progress notes or goofing off.



Lupine Prospects as their own Faction from December 2005

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What Warlord really needs are flying pigs... yeah. Dwarfs on Pigasis and a female dwarf berserker in the vein of Logan.


I'd also like to see the Beastmen expand into a sub-faction.



A furry footed little halfling faction would be great.

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I love that Lupine thread, thanks for linking it qwyk.


Do Lupines really have a human form? For some reason I thought they were permantly Giant wolves.

The Crusader book fluff mentions Lupines and their human form. There was one (I can't recall her name) sitting at the dinner with Gerard.


Thanks for the link, Mike. You're right, I like it... a lot ::D:

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I was playing a game today and thought it would be cool to have a very sneaky elf model that could do something like shadow step and move from shadow to shadow (similar to a non-corporeal move) and use that to get behind models easier. A very sneaky rogue. Could be cool.

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I've got to put in what I always do:


Reptus warrior on a giant spider.


Now that I've got that out of my system. What about some merc calvery based on Sioux warriors, or another mounted mage.


I would also like to see a few more dragon stats


A samurai Ronin solo would be cool also

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