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Pirates of the Spanish Main


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I was wondering, looked at the stuff and thought hey, that's kinda cool to have a tiny ship game like that.


So wondering any of you play or played this game before and what's good and bad about it?


Also do you guys know what scale the ships they use are, cuz I'm looking for sculpted ones that can be painted.


Thanks. ::):

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I have it, I liked it alot...wouldn't say I loved it.

Think Warhammer skirmish on water...only not as complicated or expensive.


The down side is I only know three other people playing it and none of my game shops are pushing it or doing demo games, so you have to sell it to your friends kinda like a dope pusher. "Hey, kid...wanna try a new game. I'll give you three packs for free..."

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Wait, how is it strategy wise?


Like maneuvering, can you sneak to their aft and fire where they can't fire back? Can you pull historical naval moves and all that?


Cuz your saying Warhammer with ships, that's worrying me. I'm seeing "throw a fistfull of die and hope your enemy dies" kinda strategy... :unsure:

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It's a fun game and a great idea imho. I've always been fond of this one. Played it a few times with friends, non gamers, and they could pick it up after a few minutes of going over the rules.


Strategy wise, there are layers in the form of special crew and "abilities" that each ship possesses. The official website has a flash animation that goes through the setup and a few turns of gameplay. The games usually end up more in depth than the simple tutorial shows you there, due to the "shipping lanes" you end up setting up to get treasure from island to island.


When I play, I throw in a random element of wind factor to spice things up a bit. I roll an 8 sided dice at the beginning of every second turn and whatever number comes up is the wind direction for the next two turns. I made a little volcano with some cotton batten coming out of the top that you can adjust to reflect the current wind direction. 1=N, 2=NW, 3=W etc...


If a ship is tacking against the wind, then their movement costs are doubled, and if they're sailing with the wind at their sails then then their movement is doubled for the turn. The movement in the game is measured with the length of the ships card, which has the the movement listed on the long and short sides of the card.


It's a good "pick up and play" game, but as far as "epic naval manuevering" goes, then that would require a whole new ruleset. This game is more about, make a grab for the loot, run and gun, try to set up a blockade while maybe protecting your own interests. They've also added forts and sea monsters and whatnot since the release of the game to add more "things" happening on the table, but I haven't picked up any of that stuff.


I have a shot of a custom table I made to play this game on:




You can even see the volcano that I mentioned with the wind blowing from the South Westerly direction. :D


Oh, here's the link for the flash demo:




If you browse around their site, you can see the different kinds of crew cards and character abilities as well as the stats for all of the ships from the different lines. Alot of stuff to collect, and I think overall it's all really well done.


Regarding the scale and the "paintability" of these little ships, they're not paintable models really, (I wish) they're more like plastic card puzzle pieces, very ingenious and hold up extremely well to handling. Scalewise maybe the size of business card for the larger ships and 2 inches or so for the smaller ones...there's a few different sizes of ships from the huge 5 masters to the dinky little one masted ships.


Oh yeah did I mention Undead Pirates? This game has those as well hehe. There's a few different genres to choose from when buying the booster packs, like Chinese, American Revolutionary War etc...and they always seem to be adding to thier roster of ships and cards, for the collector. The different ships play out a bit differently each game because of their unique abilities and stats, so it's worth it to try and assemble a versatile fleet. I kind of stopped after a few packs though as I have like zero time to game haha. But they're still cool to look at and have around.

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