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Resin Bases

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Epicast makes some really nice resin bases. I have the big Special Edition 100mm one


here a link to a vendor that carries them here in the states


Epicast bases @ fantization.com


hope that helps





WOW! This is like base super market. I have to take a look at this more closely later. Great link here.

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If you need to sculpt something flush with an edge, build it out of greenstuff, sculpting maybe 1/16-1/8" beyond the edge, then use an x-acto to trim it flush. By building it out beyond the edge, you ensure that the sculpt doesn't "frame" itself; it will look like it continues past what the finished product contains.


I recently sculpted my first base from (relative) scratch, and this is what I did. Now that it's primed, it looks like the whole base was molded from one piece.

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