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Not-so-killer frog


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About a month ago, I asked around about frog minis...thanks to those who responded to that thread. This is the more sedate of the killer frogs from Dark Heaven. My mother recently started a new job that gave her *gasp* business cards, so we made a holder for them. This was a gift to her on her birthday last month, and my dad has finally sent the pictures he took (with a much better camera than the one we usually have here!).


The bulk of the holder is Hirstarts blocks, with moss made from pumice paste and water built from...maybe it was stillwater? Or Water Effects? I don't recall...Nissiana will know (since I painted the frog and she built the structure).


Anywho. Here'tis.



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Thanks for the commentary, all.


Rocky, I have to confess, much of the frog's "wet" look is due to a rather glossy finish coat. I did work up a bit of wet highlighting, but the majority of the look is due to the finish.


As for what is and isn't work appropriate? I suppose it depends on what work you're doing. Celebration Sophie might be a bit much for most places, and I wouldn't recommend Urban Legend in any but the most...unusual...occupations.

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