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Lets talk about Paint Pallets

Dark Showcase

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I H A T E having to clean my paint pallet either before each new paint session, or after it, or, if i run out of room on the pallet. I like to always have clean areas of white to put new paint on so i can correctly judge the color, so when that all fills up its time to clean it. (its either clean it, or go buy extras).



Weve all used those cheapo plastic ones at michales before. They are excellent at cleaning for the first 2-3 times, but after a while they dont clean up worth a damn. I like to use the ones that have the little wells in them for puting washes, etc.. in them. but, its a pain in the butt to clean the wells out after the pallet gets scratched and banged up, etc. till its finally no longer worth it -




So, ...



What would be really nice is if you could design your own pallet with wells for inks, etc.. and have it made into a ceramic plate! then when you need to clean it just drop it in the sink with hot water and the paint would just fall off instantly.



What do you use for your pallete? I used to use those throwaway plastic cups, ive used styrafoam plates, ive used aluminum foil , cardboard, comic backing boards, you name it. and nothing works good enough.


i dont really want a throwaway pallete, because its cheap and messy and non-environment friendly. I want to try and go the ceramic plate route, but dont know how to do that -




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My main palette is a 12 well porcelain palette ($7 at Dick Blick):



I also have a 7 well one for use on the road ($5 at Dick Blick):



Both work quite well, though paint occasionally accumulates in the corners of the wells.


For Paint and Takes, I usually bring my 7 well one for me and then simple ceramic tiles for the people who attend.



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I have three of the 7 well ones, which'll take me through all but the most intense 4 hour painting session. I have one larger one, though not so spiffy as the pic vukpakdi linked. I really only use that if I run out of the others or if I need more than 7 blends on the go (which really means just for NMM glazes). The wells are bigger and the paint dries up quicker, and it takes up more room on my best.


Love the porcelain, so so much nicer to clean up than those cheap plastic palettes. I tried a wet palette because they were all the rage when I started painting, and it just didn't work with my style of painting. Seemed like I could never get just the exact paint consistency I wanted, and glazes and such ran all over the place. I found I was getting dust and cat hair and such on the pallette that would get in new paint added, too. I like really fresh paint, I guess.

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Am I the only one here who uses a wet pallete?


A tupperware sandwich container with four wet paper towels cut to fit in the bottom, with a sheet of wax paper (also cut to fit) over them.


No Mattmcl you are not...I wouldn't go back to using a well pallette for any reason (except the occasional wash i find myself doing)...after i tried using one after a hiatus of several years without painting at all I find it indispensible.

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I have 3 or 4 each of this rectangular ceramic palette


and this round ceramic palette


Ceramic is the way to go- just don't drop them. ::P:

I tried the super-cheap-get-it-at-the-home-improvement-store ceramic tile, but It didn't work for me. My nice thin paint spread out and dried too fast. The little wells keep the paint contained and the smalle serface area keeps it from drying out too fast.


I had many of the same problems Wren did with a wet pallette.


Dark Showcase- I really like the one you found on Amazon- lots of wells for all the blends I work with at one time. Do you have a link for it?

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I hate cleaning palettes as well, so I delay as much as possible. I now have four palettes (two of the 7 well palettes and two 9 well palettes). All are ceramic, so they are pretty easy to clean.


The white tiles work well too, but you really can't put too much paint on them. Small drops of paint on those dry up too easily in my climate, hence the wells.

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I have the rectangular one Flit showed that I use for large surface areas of paint where I need a lot of paint, or if I am painting armies and need the paint to stay open for awhile.


I bought a box of 50 6"x6" ceramic tiles at Home Depot for $14.00. These are my primary palettes. I carry two in my travel kit.


I bought an uber one awhile ago from Dick Blick VERY similar to that beast you showed Dark Showcase, but it was just too big and bulky and was a pain in the arse to clean. I think I gave it away to one of my clients who was getting back into painting (canvas) and didn't have the money to buy supplies.


I really like the ceramic bath tiles. They are light, portable, and if I break one, big deal, it cost $0.39 to buy individually. The only hard part was carrying the box of 50 up 3 flights of stairs and not dropping it on my toe when I put it down.

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I also use a wet pallete that I constructed out of a largish clamshell container - it's one of the plastic boxes that, I think, a wargods army pack deal came in. It's got a kitchen sponge cut down a bit to fit and I use parchment paper that I cut into the proper size as a palette - I throw away a sheet as it gets used up. I tried a tupperware sandwich box once, but the sides were too tall and it felt akward. I saw an article on CMON where someone used a smallish sponge inside the shallow part of a rackham blister pack, and I'm planning to make one of those when I can get the right sponge.


I used to use AOL CDs as pallettes, or other CDs that come in the mail, but I switched to the wet palette a year or so ago and I wouldn't go back. My husband still uses the CD palettes.


I've never used one of the well-style palettes for mini painting, though.

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