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Sharyn, Female Mage

Painting Raven

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Thanks for the praise everyone, I'm glad you like it.


Beautifully done. I particularly like the babbling brook. How did you do it?


I base my miniatures just prior to priming, so everything except the water was done before painting. After the miniature is complete I then do the ground cover, painting the stream bed to a bluish grey then covering it with Woodland Scenics water effects. I smooth out the water with a toothpick and add small details, like water going around the big rock. After the piece is sealed, I then give the water a very, very transparent wash of sky blue, highlight with pure white where the water would be "rushing" by and then seal it with high gloss finger nail polish! So that's that on the water.


I am wanting to paint this one up as a druid


Funny you should say that, since I actually painted this one to look like a druid. The pose, the feathers, etc. just don't say "mage" to me.

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I think it's a lovely paint job, and very smooth looking. Actually inspires me to dig this one out and paint it myself. However.. am I the only one that sees a bit of a "drop jaw surprised" look on her face? I think it's the eyebrows and the shape of the mouth that does it.. ;)



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