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I've been wondering about how Reaper could implement Druid spellcaster-types into Warlord (I seem to currently have too much time on my hands). Here are my thoughts:


Of course, the caster would have Druid X/Y. The difference is this - the Druid would also gain "Affinity:" for Earth, Air, Fire, Water, or any combination thereof.


Here is the tricky part - Reaper would need to add an Affinity descriptor to mage and cleric spells. It should not change the points cost - it basically just lists the main elemental component of the spell (or lack of elemental component- I'll get there in a minute). The affinities would have no effect on the spell choice for mages and clerics, but would only impact Druids. Obvious examples: Fireball = Fire affinity, Ice Shard = Water, etc.


Druids could then cast any spell, mage or cleric, that they have all affinities for. Higher level spells, of course, would have more affinities, and therefore could be cast by fewer Druids.



Ice shard is affinity Water

Bolt = Any (I think Firebolt, Airbolt, Earthbolt, Waterbolt is ok, IMHO)

Fireball = Fire

Scare = None (just scary pictures in my mind, not elemental)

Firestorm = Fire and Air

Dispell = Any

Call Lightning = Air

Lightning Bolt = Air

Bandage = Water

Bless = None (because that is the whole divine intervention thing)

Cure = Water and Air


Druid Firefly has Affinity: Fire and Druid 3/12. He could choose Bolt, Fireball, and Dispell - not Firestorm because he doesn't have Affinity: Air


Druid Serenity has Affinity: Water, Air and Druid 2/10. She could choose: Ice Shard, Bolt, Call Lightning (is this a 2nd level spell? I don't remember), Bandage, and Cure.


IMO, this would be an excellent way to introduce Druids into Warlord. It allows Druids a flexibility that pure mages and clerics lack, but does not allow them to overpower their counterparts, either. Plus, all that is requred is to add two SAs and a list of Affinity descriptors to current spells - a list that could be generated on less than a single page and posted online.


One more thought - for Dispell and Druids, you could have Druids only able to Dispell spells they have an affinity for or give the druid a bonus (+1 or +2) to Dispell a spell that they have an affinity for. Ex: from above, Druid Serenity is very good at Dispelling Lightning Bolt, but not as good (or altogether incapable) of stopping a Fireball.


Just my humble rambles.


Questions? Comments? Rude Remarks?

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Interesting ideas. It would be kinda cool to see them in play. Maybe see what you could do if you put it together and created a generic druid of each type and played with it with your local group and see how it works. If you get it working well then suggest it and see what happens. I know these guys pay a lot of attention to what we, the gamers, want and what we enjoy. It might happen.


I do think that it could add an interesting twist to a lot of games if you have a character that can pull from varied aspects of the game and surprise you with a lot of different things.

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