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Viridius in purple

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Well heres my viridius. Ive been working off and on for about 9 months

I'm taking it real slow cause I wanna do well and I get distracted easily.

Anyways I need some advice on how to highlight this dragon some more.



The headshot is before he got a new set of chompers

now the head and neck are almost done but they dont pop.

the light hereis real yellow sorry about that

Thanks for any tips

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I like the purple eye in the top shot. Different and effective.

Which of the shots is closer color-wise to what you have now?

The bottom one looks alot lighter than the top one, but your notes indicate the only difference is the teeth.

Are you going for a dark purple look?

That's what it looks like from your top shot. If that is the case it looks like you have a good start. What I would do to keep the purple dark is try a purple to black kind of fade on each scale (yes its a pain, but that's painting dragons for you :blink: ). To do that I would keep the bottom parts of the scales (where they meet the scales next to them) really dark. I would start layering with lighter shades of purple (lighter being relative- it would be a dark purple) 2/3 to halfway up the scale. Then layer with progressivly lighter purple shades on up, keeping the highest higlights small and near the top of the scales. You can always do a darker wash if you get things too light.

One thing that helps me when I start to work with layering shades is to go ahead and get my dark to light progession on the pallet all at once so I can kind of preview the colors. I frequently use at least 7 to 10 shades for one color so my pallet gets pretty full. This actually makes painting faster because you can "go up and down" with the colors without stopping to mix. You can actually try this out and completly do one area at a time.

This will be a bit harder to do with a dragon. Don't try to mix all the paint for the whole beast at once! What I do is keep track of my mixes so I can easily re-mix a color a day (or a year) later. My notebooks have entries like this : 1drop brown, wood ink wash, highlight with 1drop brown+ 1 drop light gray, higlight more with 1drop brown + 1 drop light gray + 1 drop white.

I hope this makes sense.

I can try to clear things up if you want me to.


Good luck and have fun with the dragon!

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Thanks flit the top is more true to life.

yeah I ant a very dark purple look but not black its hard to get what I want but your notebook idea should help me be more consistent.

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