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Warlord the Movie or. . .


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okay so i tweaked my back last week and my doctor seems to think i herniated a disk, while the workman's comp doc is an idiot and said, "yeah you don't need an mri, we'll just wait until the end of the week and see if you get better." so having been couped up in my house, unable to paint, and only minimally being able to sit at the computer i have, in brief moments of lucidity. . .or lack-there-of. . .decided to cast the Warlord movie on my own. (sure the new casket works just came out, but i haven't seen it and don't know if they are continuing with one of its best features, and besides that was for the Reaper movie and not the Warlord movie. so without further ado, and because my back is starting to hurt. Casting of the Warlords first (original warlords first, sub-factions later):


Duke Gerard: someone old and crotchety, who in their prime did lots of killing, has to be Sean Connery.


Witch Queen: Halle Berry, sure the catwoman movie was pure poo, not even a B-rated movie but Halle in tight leather, come on ::D: .


King Thorgram Grimsteel: sure you could do the whole, get a normal sized actor and with fx make him appear shorter, but why do that when you can have Jason 'Wee Man' Acuña from Jackass fame. Here is a short man willing to do his own stunts.


Prince Danithal: Has to be a pretty boy of some sort, not to buff, but also not to feminine either. you could use orlando bloom he did a good job in LOTR, but that would be type casting. I say go for someone who can really act my first choice would be johnny depp, with some really out there performances plus his new leading-man status from the pirates franchise, should make opening night a big success.


Orba Sinhan: i don't know of many hun looking actors out there and really can only think of one guy to really feel this crazy roll, jimmy "the superfly" snuka. . .is he even still alive. :lol:


Juda Bloodspire: christian bale, from american psycho you know he can play the killer who loves blood, to batman returns, where you know he can bring in the audience.


Khufu: the rock, or dwayne johnson if you prefer.


Ashkrypt: Jon Malkovich, the guy just gives me the creeps.


Khong-to: sorry but this guy is going to have to be cgi. . .the voice will be non-other than ving rhames.


Varaug:another possible cgi character here, but the orcs from lotr were pretty good so maybe vince diesel could pull it off.


these are you major characters so far. other ideas or thoughts are welcome with final casting for these rolls being given by the end of the week.

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You'd have to get Crispin Glover in there somewhere.

I see him as Herne


How about Sean Penn as Eredain, and David Sedaris as Nirondel. He has experience as an elf already.


Besides being allergic to Halle Berry, I'd like to see someone with more mest up internals as the Witch Queen. How about Helen Bonham Carter or Christina Ricci?


Now, where to cast Jennifer Connelly? Senet Net'merew?


Since this is a geek casting, how about Wil Wheaton as the voice of Fishrender?


And Darthiir, sorry about the back

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Ashkrypt: Jon Malkovich, the guy just gives me the creeps.


Sorry, but after watching him butcher Galbatorix (yeah, I read Eragon, wanna make somethin' of it? ::P: ) , I just can't see him pulling Ashkrypt off. Use him as the voice, but CGI the lich.


And since he's done so many fantasy movies so far, what about Jeremy Irons? Merack? He's a grizzled old commander.


And if you're going to use Johnson as Khufu, you might as well have a Scorpion King reunion and use Michael Clarke Duncan as Tariq. They already look enough alike.

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Triple H from wrestling fame as General Matisse


Kate Beckinsale as Moraia or Lola Darkslip


Jennifer Garner as Marquise Zora D'Arengo


Some more wrestlers as Xailor and Rogran and Ymrilix


That guy from the Chronicles of Riddick for Captain Andras and Vin Deisel for Corvus

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