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CAV 2 Asylum Tourney! 2/3/2007

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Ok, so the question becomes....


Assuming that players will have to build forces based on the the official CAV2 cards, with their raised values,and not the final beta cards... Are we gonna still try and squeeze the tourney rosters into 1500 points?


I just did it. Don't know how it'll turn out, but I'm going to give it a shot. ::):

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Well, unfortunately, the turnout was not what we had hoped for as most of our regular players were out sick. But, those that did show up played hard, fast, and fun. 1500 point games with objectives in an hour (including deployment)... The last round was the speed round of only 45 minutes to complete it.


Thanks to Reaper for hosting the event. We hope to add more players the next time around.

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Well, ok...


I won.

But, including me, there were only two players involved.


I was trying to keep my post above as positive as possible. My opponent and I played hard. Only negative that happened was actually by me. In the last round, I had fallen way behind in points and so had to try some drastic measures to gain ground. I was successful in pulling off a couple of hits that were like I had to have 9s to hit and got the rolls. In my excitement, I got a little over exuburent and shouted out in glee. But, realized seconds later that it probably came off as gloating and was not very sportsman like to do that and so apologized to my adversary.


As for forces, I was Ritterlich w/ Hunter docterine and my opponent played freelance w/ mixed docterine.


First round was a capture and control the flag type of scenario in a forest atmosphere.

Second round was a head hunter type scenario on a space station environment

Last round was kill as much as possible in 45 minutes in a fairly dense city


I took some pictures. I wont post battle reports for all 3 rounds, but will try to work up a report for probably the last round.


My force was made up of:


Troop1: Specialist section

  • Rhino w/ Avenger/2
  • Nomad w/ ESTp
  • Rifle team w/ jetpack, engineer, advanced repair module

Troop2: Mechanized Infantry

  • 2x Lynx transports
  • Hvy Rifle team w/ 2 satchels
  • Hvy Rifle team w/ 1 satchel

My first time to try using an Engineer ever. I never used one in CAV 1.5. Also my first time to ever try using satchels. And if it werent for the fact that my adversary added avenger to all of his CAVs, they might have been affective.

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See when you said you didn't have the expected turnout I was thinking three maybe four people. Wasn't trying to make it seem like you were gloating.


Did you find fielding the engineer useful? I also never used engineers in 1.5 seeing as how Rach units all got Rugged.

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My premise was the Rhino was big and slow with a heck of a gun. Nomad with natural ECM and upgrade of EST could provide defensive and offensive help while hiding in the shadows of the big guy or behind nearby terrain. Engineer with jetpack should be able to keep up with a walking Rhino and when necessary use the repair module to keep him upright. Between the Rhino's high repair values on his first couple of tracks and his high DV from the ECM support, he never took massive damage in any one round and could repair back to the first track, and then the advanced repair module has the ability to take away lingering damage.


I was taking the chance that whoever I faced would not have a bunch of fast shredder units to run over and take that support out.


My infantry were wildcards. In the first round I used the satchels and raced across the field and put a hurting on a couple of enemy models. But, they all had avenger and made me pay for my trip. So, in subsequent games I changed tactics and used them primarily for their 2x shredder/5 shots each to take out enemy gunships (defensive mindset of keeping his gunships away from being able to kill my Rhino's support team)

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