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Trying for a concept


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Hey I am here for CAV.


If I ever saw a mini that truly made me think of my character then maybe I would go for it. But all these Reaper minis seem to be Charisma 16+ not my normal 10 or so. Let alone do you all change figures every few levels as you aquire new gear ? Nope if combat is confusing enough to need markers to establish where everyone is, then I use dice LOL.



You must be playing a different game than I am. In d&d, with 4-6 player characters (not counting summoned creatures, pets, mounts, etc), X number of monsters, NPC's, terrain, etc; I absolutely want to know exactly where I am. There's no way I am going to let the DM fireball the entire party and just say "....uh, yeah sure, it will get all of you" when I know I am more than 50' away from the guy at the other end of the party.


And if your characters are ugly, stop shopping Werner Klock's minis and check out some of Bobby Jackson's faces, which only a mother could love.

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