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Felix, nee' Fynch


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So, in addition to my rather ambitious adventurer's guild project with Nissiana (see WiPs, if you're interested: mine and hers), I've got another campaign set in Ptolus coming up, and I've been working on a representation of my character in that game, too.


Fynch Brassfog was perfect to play the role of Felix Titling. The only problem was, there was a lot of rather thick flash I had to clear. Odd, that it was in the shape of a nicely sculpted lute...




Overall, I like the rather big grin Felix is sporting, and I'm pretty proud of the conversion from rocker to card shark. And this is my first time to sculpt a base from greenstuff. Considering that he is tabletop-not-showpiece quality, I'm happy with him. As always, comments of any variety are welcome; bash away, bash away, bash away all!

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