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Monique DuNoir - Master Series Miniatures

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When will this be available in the online store? I can barely contain my excitement here :)


I have the tiny version from days past, and this version is a Must Have in my opinion.


I've got a list of 10 or so mini's that I want to order, and I was going to do that today, but I'll be waiting until this is available in the store.


My thanks to Werner for yet another amazing figure to add to my collection.





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If the January ETA is accurate, I'd say either next week or the week after.


Due to weather, the last release of this month will be available from distribution 1/31/07 instead of 1/29/07. Kit usually posts these new releases that day or the day after.

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Any bets on how many Moniques will be entered in this year's ReaperCon painting contests??? ::D:


The Reaper powers that be should have a separate catagory for the Master Series Minis.



Now, why you want to get all complicated on me after I just finished putting the final edit on the rules for the year?



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