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several questions


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What size brushs do you usually use? i ask becasue i was thinking about getting the W&N Series 7 sizes 3, 2, 1, 0, and 2/0 is that overkill or about right


Overkill. I doubt that you'll use the #3 much. You can probably get by just fine with just the #2, #0, and #2/0. If you want to get an additional brush, then I'd add in the #1.


If you are ordering from Dick Blick, remember that shipping is a bit expensive, so if there is any room left before you bump up into the next shipping bracket and you need something else, you might as well go ahead and order it since shipping is then effectively "free" unless you bump into the next shipping bracket.


You still probably want a couple of synthetic brushes to mix paints and to jab into recesses.




PS: Btw, I submitted a Craft article that is a beginning painter's shopping list that should come out sometime relatively soon. ::):

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