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Liquitex Flow Aid


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Hi All,

Just wanted to share something new to me. Lately I have found that Liquitex Flow Aid allows me to do a couple of things.

First, I can mix different brands of acrylic paint and achieve a single consistency and uniformity of color. Second, I can get inexpensive "craft" paints to behave like more expensive paints. They do on much more smoothly and brush strokes disappear.


There is something besides water in this stuff that seems to help with surface tension. Because I am a physicst and not a chemist, I can't tell you what that is.

I just know that it rocks. ::D:


While I have painted dozens of miniatures, the skill of many of you casts a broad shadow over mine. Do any of you have wisdom you'd like to share?

Have a great day,

Mr. Willard :B):

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A lot of people use this, it's sold under a few different brand names. It extends the drying time of your paint, which lets you blend easier, and it does make cheap paint behave a bit better. But IMHO it also accentuates brush strokes, and can leave a chalky finish.

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Hmmm, I tend to find that flow medium (Jo Sonja's) actually helps in eliminating brush strokes on large flat surfaces. Also, it makes VMC act more like RMS, and with water makes washes shloop down into the cracks, for more lining and less staining. Also, if used just right, it helps paint flow off the brush for fine lining and freehand.


Matte medium (Liquitex) is almost the opposite, giving paint more body, making it stickier and more inclined to stay up high where the brush makes initial contact. You can also use it to make paint more transparent without making it thinner, but it tends to build up dimension pretty quickly and can make the paint layer too thick. Finally (as far as I know) you can add a little to your washes or thinned paint to change adhesion and help stop VMC from dropping out of solution. Oh wait; mixing it into VMC layers makes them more friendly to inks, IMO.

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