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Fiara, Female Elf Breaker

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I was looking to possibly get Fiara, Female Elf Breaker but I'm wondering about her stats. She is not on Warlord HQ,,, unless she a traito and working for someone else durring this perilous time.





She is just a plain old Elven Breaker EW.


When Reaper started the single model blisters for WL soldiers, they started naming them. Which has caused some confusion at times with folks thinking they are a -new- model, with a potentially new Data Card.

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Or the Poisonspitter, or the thug, or the bowsister, or...


I think it is just because they are brand new and have only been released as a single, not as a re-release of a single mini from a multipack. I agree, the logic is a bit bizarre... but once the 3-packs go away, this whole mess should begin to make more sense again.


I hope. :;):



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