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Hello everyone

my Name is Nabasadanoir, i'm French, 23 years old and I sculpt some things I would like to show you;

these are recent figurines i've done and wip;


a knight;



a giant barbarian;



a necromancer;



a big skinned beast:



and some other older things on my website, => here


tell me what you think about

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The knight is the weakest of the 3. The armor looks good, but the head is narrow and the neck is really long. It throws off the proportions of the figure. Plus, I don't like the simple round circles for eyes. His arms are also real thick compared to his legs.


The necromancer is pretty solid, face is a tad wide, but the anatomy is coming along real nice.


The barbarian giant is great! Good pose, nice tight musculature, great face.


The skinned beast is okay. The muscles seem almost over-exagerrated. More like balloons than muscles. The masses need to 'blend' more. And large mucles aren't round, but somewhat flattened in cross section.



Overall, I like the barbarian giant the best.

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I think these look very good, Nabasadanoir. They are done in a stylized look that might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really like it. Though, like Crusoe said, as is I'm not sure if I like the knight's eyes so simple. I would really love to see painted examples, which would put the eyes into better prospective for me.


I do not agree on the head/neck being off. I think that's all a part of the exaggerated style which leans on the serious comic/cartoon side. I find it fun and full of character.


I applaud your work!

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