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Ok first off thanks to everyone who posted in my previous post it helped alot.


i have been working on models for a few years now and highlighting has always been the bain of my existance but i think thats because i don't know what direction or how to do it so i was wondering if you guys have any advice for a beginner in highlighting.


with how its working in my brain its almost like you have to choose two points for the "sun" to come from so you can get the front and back or is that wrong?


my thoughts kind of make me think it look like this to me at least in theory (L) Light Direction (M) Model






so if you can shed any well light on this tech it would be great thanks. ::):


p.s. and sorry about all the dashs it was the only way i could figure out how to get my idea to show like i need

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Top Center is the best lighting direction to use if you will be looking at the miniature from many different angles. This works well with NMM, Metallics, and demi-metallics.


Alternately, you can play with OSL (Object Source Lighting). That'd be a gem somewhere on the miniature or base that is glowing (radial source), Moonlight (radial source, but off the miniature & above it somewhere), SENMM (sky earth non-metal metallic: this is NMM that takes the reflection of the sky and earth/ground into consideration when doing highlights - also comparable to many spray paint artists "chrome" illustrations - popular in the late 70's). Other OSL sources: Lava on the base, glowing swords, lanterns, candles, torches, breath weapons, display panels (sci-fi minis), un-natural eyes on beasts or robots...


You get the idea?


Finally, dueling light sources (Thief on Roof with Moonlight on back and torchlight on underside)...


Does this help?

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yes it does thanks.


i am not even going to try OSL since i really am nowhere near good enough with highlights to figure it out since a fire adds red and lanterns yellow to you highlights so i am not going to try that. and just to respond to yours to make sure i understand most of the time something like a "noon" day point on the model is the right point?

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