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BL is Saweet!


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I got into the BL program thru FreeFall. I got to goto Gen Con Indy '05, and met lots of other Reps, and LadyStorm. That was the start of my love affair with the program.


Last weekend our local Con hosted its Quarterly Games Day. So I of course showed up with Paints, Minis, and Warlord. I have never had an experience make me feel better about myself or the product I'm toting, more than Saturday.


Both Reaper, the BL program and I got more compliments than I can even count.


a few:

--this one just kept getting said-- "This/That is why I love Reaper!"

"Its so nice to have a company rep who doesn't always win, so you don't want to play."

"This book is really great, I'm glad I bought it." --about the new O'lords book

"Dude that mini is freekin' sweet."

"All the BL reps are so much nicer than ________."

"You just convinced me to get another army, wait, how'd you manage that?"

"That (in reference to demo) was great, but I don't paint." ---Quick demo at PnT table--- "So where can I get the pointy lizard guys?"


Thought I should share.

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Awww, now I'm all warm and fuzzy!



Seriously, it's *YOU* that make BL great. Our Reps have class, and style, and fun. The BL program would not be such a great success, be continually invited to attend more and more cons and shows, invited back year after year to stores and events, if you guys weren't the best demo reps in the biz.


My hat is off to you, Evilbob, and the rest of the team, for making Reaper, Black Lightning, and most expecially ME, look good!!

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Cause we all know it's all about Bryan looking good :poke:


I considered it. But until I land a job that's regular hours and doesn't end in a month and a half I think I'll have to pass.


Besides, Draxtar and I attract enough attention just by playing a mini game that isn't Mongoose Publishing, GW, or DnD minis. :rolleyes:

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