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Freelance - blue light specials


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Ok, have had some more time to playtest and think about the Freelance SA related to being able to take all specialist platoons.


For the most part I have no problem with it. In the 3 times I have played someone else who was using it, all three played it such that they had at least 2-3 models in each section. For the most part each elected to use the one ECM boat or EST boat paired up with a couple of shooters type of layout.


But, doing a little playtesting of my own by myself, I also started testing the idea of going for sheer numbers of init cards.


With a small 1500 point game I was making very decent 7-10 troop single model specialist platoons.


Sure, each time you shoot at something you get a defensive shot coming back at you, but each time you shoot you fire at new defensive values baed on prior friendly's results against the enemy. And 7-10 troops almost guarantees to win a few activations before your opponent. I couldnt imagine how you could really nerf this when playing a 3000+ point game.


Its probably too late to make changes but I might suggest something along the lines of a slight alteration to the SA, where instead of 100% can be specialist troops, maybe something along the lines of 50% can be speciailists...

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Ok, I haven't played, but in my read through of the rules, doesn't this somewhat balance out? It sounds like (and I could be wrong) that you are giving up some of the advantages multi-model platoons have in order to grab more activations. I can see how this could be an advantage the first couple turns of the game, but it would seem to drop off after that, particularly if you don't manage to finish off any enemy models in the first two turns. And over all, wouldn't the defensive fire eventually work in your opponents favor?


On paper, at least, this looks like an exploit that a sharp opponent could nullify. But again, I haven't played, so I'm surely not aware of every nuance.


Edit: And obviously, I missed the Rule EE refers to while typing this up.

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ok, never mind cause I didnt read that rule well enough either. Thank you for clarifying.. Hoaw about just deleting this thread...


It never happened...

Just look at it this way Stub - by asking the question, they'll take a look at the way it's presented in the rule book to make sure others won't miss it. So in a way, you did us all a favor... ::D:

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