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Sophies you'd like to see


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I was thinking about starting this last week, and someone else's post convinced me it was a good idea. :devil:


Sophies I'd like to see:


Cheerleader Sophie


"Naughty Schoolgirl Outfit" Sophie (short plaid skirt, white shirt tied in the middle, with hair in a ponytail).


"Michelle Pfeiffer in Fabulous Baker Boys" Sophie (Lying on a piano)


"Trash from Return of the Living Dead" Sophie (dancing on a large gravestone)


Kneeling Sophie (think succubus illustration in 1st ed. AD&D Monster Manual)



I know that there was previous suggestion of the Biker Sophie.

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Historical themed Sophies:






Oriental (I could easily see her in a sexy kimono or cheongsam with a parasol)


the list goes on...


Then there's Wild Sophie, dressed in leopard-skin bikini with a wild critter sidekick (feline, canine, or even maybe a gorilla)


Conan Sophie - A Boris Vallejo/Hildebrandt 80's high-fantasy art style Sophie, maybe raising her sword over a pile of bones or something.


I also like the idea previously mentioned of Sophie with a Nightmare and possibly a Hellhound.


Arthurian Sophie, with armor and maybe even the Holy Grail.


So many possibilities...

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I've mentioned the various mounted Sophies I'd like to see, the nightmare-back, the civil (or Texas Revolutionary; I'd love to see Sophie in a Mexican Army uniform) war bugler sounding a charge, and so forth.


Sophie has certainly done quite a few "sexy succubus" poses for us... how about something more active? I love the Klocke 72mm, but it's the closest we've ever seen to an angry Sophie. How 'bout a "jilted girlfriend" Sophie? All mad as hell and on a rampage? That'd be fun.


And I'd definitely enjoy a gamer geek Sophie. Foot propped on a giant d20, rulebook in hand...

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And here I was feeling like a traitor to womyn's liberation for once suggesting "Malibu Sophie" in sunhat, Ray-bans and French bikini.


I think a St. Patricks's Day Sophie in leprechaun clothes would be cute... and while we're at it, how about Valentine Sophie with Cupid's love arrows!

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Biker Sophie- As mentioned elsewhere..

Helen of Troy Sophie

Teacher Sophie- Skirt with high slit, jacket with deep neckline, unreasonably high ankle strap heels, glasses slipped down on her nose, hair in a bun starting to come loose.. etc.. :devil:

Star Trek Federation Sophie...Maybe in a Uhura type uniform..

Jabba's slave girl Sophie

Easter Bunny Sophie

A Sophie with angel type wings

Tomb Raider Sophie




Now get to drawing Tim! :lol:

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lmao all the above alt sophie ideas are interesting...but one one thing that we have not seen yet...is a good action pose with her....she has that sword and war hammer, we have yet to see her use it...or a flight mode pose !!....and since she is a succubus...to see her use her femine ways to seduce her victims.....lol he he ha ha :B):::P:::D::lol::rolleyes:

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