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When it absolutely, positively has to be taken and held accept no substitute: United Terran Federal Forces. :B):


Third reply to this thread... maybe that's why Spartan isn't the Terran's spokesmen of choice :lol:


I hardly think stating a truthful fact such as that constitutes the "dumb jock route" as you put it. :B):



May the Light guide you.


All this mumbling about protecting the weak and following lights...blah blah. Only the word of Khardullis can guide you. ::D:


There is only one God and Khardullis is his prophet. The sooner you all accept that the more of you will survive. :poke:


It has been awfully quite on the Khardullis front these days... what are you guys up to??


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In all reality that philosophy is not much different from ours (Malvernis) the large difference being that we ask "will you convert to our religion?" before we ...."Just pump it full of holes and then theres no problem."


Keeps our numbers up.

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See, if you didn't put yourself in a position to be shot full of holes by people who don't like having religious fanatics on their doorsteps you wouldn't have to worry so much about replenishing your numbers. I have my gauss weaponry, I don't need no Malvernis or his religion. If Malvernis don't like that, he can eat hypervelocity rounds with the rest.

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The glorious and honorable Ritterlich peoples look down in pity on your pathetic squabble amongst yourselves. Please do continue. I would enjoy the entertainment as I kick back and sip on glass of perfectly aged blood wine with my sexy Ritterlich babe. Damn...she looks so fine in that stylish Ritterlich officers uniform.

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Ooooooooooooo! Guns! Can I play too??? :devil: *Tosses a grenade in each shooters lap and raises his glass to Elias* ::):




BOOM! :devil:



Luckily those were just concussion grenades and they'll wake up with nasty little gremlins banging their frontal lobes with wicked little pickaxes from the inside. Play nice now boys and girls. :;):

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