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Don't mind the Terran propagandist. Each faction has it's ups and downs through faction SAs, but each faction has at least one model that fills the various niche roles providing a good balance though they may emphasize one particular role more than others. The Adonese SAs allow models to ignore the shielding SA on target models, grant a +1 bonus to their ECM stat, makes it harder for the enemy to break their stealth, and their infantry receive a +2 to their CCV stat. Honestly I really haven't paid much attention to their data cards to look for specific weaknesses.


What I really like about this game is that being well balanced it requires some actual tactical decision making (and a little luck with the dice) rather that having the latest cheesey army that will overpower everything until the next cheesey army list comes out.

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Don't mind the Terran propagandist.



Propagandist!? ::o: No sir! Disseminator of truthful and accurate facts perhaps, but NEVER a Propagandist. That would imply that my message of Terran superiority is false... and we ALL know that isn't the case. :B):


Boog, I was merely saying that you are brave to go ADON given the faction based "rivalries" that are so rampant on these boards. (See Crunch's malicious attack against my person as a good example :poke: ) Most of us can count on having at least one and more then likely two or three other people back us up on our faction claims... but I can't, for the life of me, recall one person who has claimed ADON. Granted I haven't been around as long as some of these other dirty Rach lovers... :B): so maybe there is an ADON person or two sneaking around here.


That's why I say "more power to ya!" Those of us in the Legions would like to welcome you into our most glorious ranks, but if you truly feel the need to swear your allegiance to someone else I can only applaud your decision not to go Rach... or *shudders* Templar/Malvernis. (Nobody likes playing with Zealots! :lol::B): )

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Last time I was in dallas, I allies with the Terrans against the Rach and Ritterlich. After the first few turns the Terrans had disappeared and it was up to the BS Thunderstrike to hold the field. When we went down we took them with us. Unlike the Terrans - they just went away.



And remember, all smack talkers will be called upon to defend their opinions at RCon. And Stubbdog's Garage Con, if they can make it.

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