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I love the Bio section of the Mini site. Amid side-splitting laughter, I noticed one instructor was missing from the list. Where's Kyle? (now picture him in a red/white striped hat).


Anyways, I figured with my time in Denton, I could offer a suggestion for his bio:


Stompy Robot

Hit Dice: 3.14

Inititive: +3 for historicals/ +8 vs. CAV’s

Speed: N scale equivalent

Special Attacks: Feign Humility, Pun Ray (x3 effectiveness at paint club when John Bonnet is present)

Special defenses: Sailor Bob and Anne

Climate/Terrain: A dent in Texas

Organization: Numerous Copy paper box lids

Treasure: Big robots and plesent conversation

Alignment: Didn’t take- please try again later

Famous Quote: “I just make it look harder than it is…”

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As it turns out, John Bonnet doesn't have a bio either so I guess I have to dust off the creativity and write that one too.



John Bonnet


Red shirted Monkey Creature

Hit Dice: He swallowed them...

Inititive: - 3 when highlighting to white, +1 when painting with feet

Speed: abnormal

Special Attacks: Conversation (causes confusion and/or insanity), Pun Ray (x3 effectivness if Kyle is Present)

Special Defences: Paint Eating (causes repulsion in enemy), Flinging Poo

Climate/Terrain: Escaped from US Army Zoo

Organization: Yeah, Right!

Treasure: Numerous Mini's, Hot Girlfriend.

Alignment: Chaotic Chaotic with Chaotic Tendencies

Famous Quote: "If you're not cheating, you're not painting"

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I was wondering where's Lazslo's bio? ^_^ Don't you guys have a motivational whip or something? *dusts it off and hands it back*


I didn't see him on the teacher list for this year so I didn't think of him for a bio ::(:



I see that John got a bio up and running on the mini site, so now we just have to get Kyle immortalized there as well.

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