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Painting Jade


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Ok as the title says i am working on a piece that i am hoping to look like jade but my questions follow with this


1) what colors would i use? i have the whole set of RMS so colors is not a problem its just what ones of the group


2) would it be painted like a normal gem? i don't think so since Jade is a sold gem right?


thanks for any advice that can be givin on this subject ::):

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Well, I haven't painted anything jade, myself, but looking at the pieces I have...I think RMS 9145-47, the "Moth Green" triad, would be a good place to start. The appropriately-named Jade Green (RMS 9015) isn't bad, either, for deep shadows, but it's a bit dark for any portion of jade the light hits.


Jade is solid, compared to, say, topaz, but it is fairly translucent. Some examples are so cloudy as to be opaque, but they still have quite a bit of depth (they aren't like solid stone at all), and some pieces are so pale you could look right through them. You could probably get away with painting it in a fairly similar fashion as you would most gems. Because it has some of the same reflective qualities when polished, some NMM techniques might also help.


Again, I haven't actually painted jade, so this is just my guess. As ever, YMMV.

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One word: Zaphod :)




More detail here:




He uses GW paints but you could check the equivalency charts that are stickied above.


Quoted from Anne:

Dark Angels Green: Pine Green 9010 is close, or mix Swamp Green 9175 with some Clear Green 9096.


I tried it too and it was pretty hard. I've attached a pic below, if you'd like to see it. It was not as successful as Zaphod's. If I were to do it again, I would bring up more of the mid-to-high highlights, so that it would look more translucent.


Sorry for the GW-ness. ;)


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  • Reaper User

Remember that jade varies hugely in its coloration. Your best bet is to search for pictures of jade things online and link us one that you like--then we can select colors for you to match. ::):


And yeah, I think jade would probably be painted like a cross between gemstones and NMM...not easy. I fielded a question about painting jade at ReaperCon last year and I think I came to the conclusion that it would be a *major* pain, due to the translucency. ::):



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Color choice would vary. Technique could be approximated as any other solid polished surface. I would ignore its translucency, and make it solid. Here is a picture I like both for the color selection and to give you an idea of how you would paint it:




(this looks like another good page to examine)


So it would be mostly flat color (probably a smidge darker on the lower side so it fits in with the rest of a mini), with a hot spot/line close to the light source (much like NMM on a round surface, minus the strong shading).


Compare to emerald:




Transparent gems are going to be darker up top, lighter at the bottom.

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Ok well first off Thanks to all of you for your advice i have to say i was almost hoping Jade would tend towards one color but i was way off.

and Mengu thanks for the site i actually found one that looks like it would be what i am after i was thinking something like the Jade Pear that would be the fourth on the link.


P.S. how do i post pictures? i thought i had it but it did not go through or i would of just posted the image not refered to the link




And thanks again Mengu i had no idea how to post pics

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