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Painting Contest -- Question About Bases

Remy Soujirou

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I can't wait for this year's Reaper Con as I had a blast at my first one last year. In order to avoid any last-minute BS like last year, I'm going to start my entries earlier. ^_^


Anyway, I had a question regarding the rules for bases. For instance, the Dark Heaven Single Miniature Small category states: "[....] Dark Heaven miniatures which fit within a 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" cube, including any basing" are fine. It also states that display bases are allowed. When you say "including any basing," does this include display (trophy-type) bases? Reading the rules again, I would think that this restriction applies to the gaming base and not the display base. But then again, I'm asking the question because I'm not sure. Anyone care to help me out on this one?

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Actually, "including ANY basing" is pretty all-inclusive phrasing. This includes the display base (part of the reason for the height-length-breadth limitations is to save space in the display case). Note that since a normal human-size Reaper mini is about an inch and a quarter tall, this essentially allows you to double their size with the basing. I think this is pretty fair; any bigger a base than that and I'm going to start asking why the base overwhelms the miniature so much or whether you really shouldn't be shooting for a diorama. :;):


There are some minis that are very tall for their relative size (fire sorceress, Pearl the mermaid) which will thus not fit into this category if you plop them on even a medium display base. However, I will point out that Marike's first-placing GenCon '06 mermaid is at exactly 2.5" tall, and Derek's fire sorceress at 2". I used these two models to establish the limit. Going up to three inches allowed many trolls, ogres, and monsters to fit in the Small category, something I did not desire.


For those who will argue discrimination against poor Pearl ("She wants a display base like everyone else!!") I will point out that converting the girl or putting her on her base at an angle is a good way to get around the size restrictions. :;):


--Anne ::D:

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