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2705: Khulsanthus, Skeletal Dragon


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I modifed this ages ago in an attempt to make it look more dynamic. The sculpting is wonderful, but the post it comes in is really sucky and static, so it takes some work to bring out the life in it. HOWEVER, my camera skills are atrocious, and my camera even more so. Still, I thought I'd at least show you what I've got. It isn't actually that colour, it's more GW bleached bone. I took the pictures in the evening, I'll try them in natural daylight tommorow and see if that improves things.


But it does look really pretty alongside my necropolis horde.




I have more pics, but they are even worse than that one. =P

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I took two more pics but they aren't much better, though they are closer to the actual colour of it. I tried to get close up ones but they all turned out all blurry. I'm pretty sure it's just the camera (well, and me), it's quite old.

I attempted to take a group pic of some of my necropolis stuff including my grave horror with "burrow base", but they didn't turn out too well. I'll try getting someone to take a pic of them with their camera sometime.





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