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How Frosch has inspired me


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So in our Sunday night D&D game we have this little orphan girl who is the rightful queen of a neighboring country. She decided she wants to run it, and make it a better place to live.

Well since the King just died (her 1/2 brother) and there is no known heir, a differentnoble family is attempting to take the throne.

SO we gotta march to the capital with our force of screaming highlanders, and claim that thrown.

Its important to note, there is a class in the game called the 'Shemish Poisoner', so that tells ou how thier political system works.


OK, back story done, we needed a mini to represent our 15 year old queen to be, for battle purposes, otherwise the part would be played by Lidia the Rogue (plastic mini) on a 10x10 base.




Meet Natalia.


She is a Ivy Crown Skirmisher, Sir Daman, MossBeard, and Barros and Tempus conglomeration with a hint of Privateer Press.


I cut the Privateer model off at the waist and also removed the right arm. I removed the top of the skirmisher for her legs, and put her on Daman's horse. I had to un attach my MossBeard from his base so she's have the right size for combat. Then I took the alternate arm from the pegasus rider blister. There was some gap filling with white greenstuff, then paint and ta-da.


post-2285-1171461932.jpg post-2285-1171461943.jpg


This part of the campaign is done now, so I should really get around to finishing painting her. Andhey who knows, maybe we'll have to go to war again, and it'll come in handy more than the once.


Its appropriate that I used Daman's horse, since the flag of this country has a lion on it. (I made us a standard bearer too, I'll take photos at some point)

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As requested, here is one of the loyal retainers.









Edited: to unguide to the gutter


Before you ask...the lion is NOT wearing a mini skirt...


Nice work on the banner E.B., those Standard/ Musician packs are cool.


Steve P.

Fantization Miniatures

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Sweeet! All the conversions of late have helped me re-evaluate my "churn 'em out" approach. Now to only find time for the converting!!!


Oh, I understand. I have been 'churning them out' recently. In the last 4 days I have painted 3 complete minis, finished another, and started 2 more.


Thanks for all the great comments. I really liked how the standard bearer turned out. (SteveP-I was starting this one at Gen Con SoCal)


As soon as I finish the mini for the Spring Exchange, and the Fire Sorceress I'm working on, I'm going to finish Natalia there. Then I have another conversion to finish painting for my husband's birthday (primer'd counts as started painting right?)

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