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Show Me The Mini!!!


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I know you still have them.


I'll start this, and Cutebutpsycho has promised to put her's up too.



This is a Necromunda mini that I got when I was maybe 16 years old. I painted it with borrowed Citadel paints, and chipped a tooth trying to open a bottle.



Needless to say the frustration of the paints made me stop painting for about three years after only 2 or 3 minis.


I especially like the celulite on her thighs. cause- un-thinned paints, too thick wash, repainted with gooy skin colored paint, re wash...ect...

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Okay - This is going back... um... like 17 or so years.


Not my firsts (they have since been lost to the ages) but still appropriate for the thread I think. :blush:






Ah yes...

Step 1. Apply dark coat.

Step 2. Dry brush highlights.

Step 3. Black wash!!!!


Things were so much simpler back then...


I'll see if I can dig up some others... and take better pictures.

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Thankfully, I don't have the disaster that is my first mini, but I will describe it. It was a Space Crusade Gretchen, and I had no idea what I was doing, I'd got the wrong types of paints as well.

So I painted it (with enamels =P) and it... err... wouldn't dry, even though I was told it should dry quickly. So out came the hairdryer, and well, plastic hateeeessss the hairdryer. You can imagine the results. This was many years ago though when I was 14!

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Just asking if that is the same mini from the Chronopia line from old Target. It looks similar to it but without the big thing on the back??

Black Sister Ldr.


That would be it.

Amazingly I've never been a fan of big dumb things on mini's backs...

I have a phot of this that shows the peg it shoulda gone on too.

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An old GW Bretonnian archer, painted about 5 years ago: (thumbnails)

oldarcher1rb0.th.jpg oldarcher2xd5.th.jpg


I recently picked up a couple of this same mini unpainted. I keep meaning to paint one of them for a side by side comparison.

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My first mini was also my first conversion. I had to since my dnd character was a Kilrathi or Kzin warrior.

Start with oger mage (ralPartha, add most of the head from the partha displacer beast. then paint in favorite colors.



Hold onto your buckets.








I'm not much better today, unless I try real hard. I admire the rest of you for the amount of effort you've put into learning your craft.


Thanks for the cool thread.


Post on all you painters!

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All my beginning monstrosities are rightly buried in my mom's basement.


I do remember my first mini, however. It was a Grenadier zombie from one of the big D&D monster box sets, painted with Testors paint. I learned to paint from a friend's dad who painted Napoleonic figures and was a member of the "base colors, black wash, you're done" school of figure painting.


For years, I made legions of figures that appeared to need a shower badly.


I later went back and repainted the eyes on the zombie so they would look in the same direction. I have so many unpainted (and better) figures waiting for me already so I believe the zombie and his filthy bretheren will have to remain learning experiences.



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