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Happy Anniversary to Me!


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So do you still submit messed up LSRs and ESRs or is all hope lost for me? :)


Grats, Cerridwyn1st, here is to three more years!


Yes, I still screw up LSRs. Things like putting the wrong type of event, the wrong BL's for Padawan, etc.


ESRs are greatly simplified by the fact that you can only submit them for conventions. Then I only have to worry about getting the time line right, neither too early nor too late.

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Thanks, guys. I also just completed my third time running events at MegaCon. We had over 600 people over three days through a combination of classes and Paint and Take.


I was kind of scared going into this one, as it was my first time with our team hosting a guest teacher. Jeff Wilhelm flew in and taught. Jeff was great and my team came together and performed flawlessly.


Thanks to Eve, Kamal, Blake, Wolfie, Cedric, "Grandpa" Anvil, J Kent and Michael for their help and support throughout.

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